Having a Hard Time gettin a Rec

Lets have a little season preview:

Week 1: @ home vs Miami: Miami has added some serious firepower this offseason, in terms of a down field threat in Brandon Marshall, there run attack is potent and Henne is coming into his own.

A very winnable game for the Bills especially when you factor being at home for the first game of the season.

Week 2: @ Green Bay: A tough NFC opponent like every game is going to be this year vs the NFC North, but a very suspect Green Bay packers team in which you never know which team is gunna show up. The lets let Aaron Rodgers scramble for his life Packers or the tight defensive team that made the playoffs last year, and a tough place to play in Green Bay.

A winnable game, but in tough on the road against a good QB in Aaron Rodgers.

Week 3: @ New England: Tough one here coming off playing a real good QB in Rodgers now they have to worry about an even better QB in Brady, but if the Bills can sustain a good pass rush things look optimistic, The Giants and Dophins showed the keys to beatingThe Patriots is a solid pass attack and keep Brady looking over his shoulders, and even if you take a penalty early to put him on his butt I say you do it.

An in division game on the road against possibly the best team in the division, outlook not so good especially coming off the previous week on the road.

Week 4:@ Home vs NYJ: I think this is a Jets team struggling to find its identity, they get rid of hard nose guys like Faneca and Thomas Jones and bring in Pre - Madonnas like Cromartie and Tomlinson. I love Rex Ryan and wish the Bills had of given him a shot to coach our team in 09' but thats beside the point, they added Santoniobut wont have him this game and withan O Line that had great chemistry last year missing its best run blocker the Bills could grab a quick win at home.

We have to run the ball very well this game and take advntage of Mark Sanchez if we wanna win this one at Home.

Week 5: @ Home vs Jacksonville: It seems as if every year we play these guys, I personally love these game the Bills play some of their best football against the Jags its just a matter of which Bills team shows up the Team that looks like it could give the Superbowl champs a go or the Bills that lost 3-0 to the Browns last year.

VERY VERY Winnable game against a weaker opponent.

Week 6: BYE

Week 7: @ Baltimore: Tough road game but don't get me wrong this is a Bills team that can take advantage of a Ravens team coming off a game aginst New England. Hopefully the Ravens pay a little bit to much attention to the Patriots and not enough attention to a surging Bills team coming off a Bye.

Very Very Winnable game against a team that plays a very similar style to one in which we play.

Week 8: @ Kansas City: Kansas city had a very very good draft in my eyes are still a team that needs alot of help in alotof places. If we can get our ground game going, we stand the chance to land a beatingon Kansas City, like the two previous years. ( also this is the game I am predicting Spiller to have a huge game)

A Very Very winnable game against a weaker opponent.

Week 9: @ Home vs Chicago: An NFC North team that can play rough and tough, a team to me like the Jets that are searching for their identity, adding Martz should get their pass offense going but like Martz has proven in the past he tends to forget about the run and hopefully this is one of those rainny November games in Buffalo, I could see Buffalo getting a big win @ Home vs an out of conference opponent.

A winnable game, but we have to be on the ball defensivly against a Mike Martz coached offense.

Week 10: @ Home vs Detroit: Another beauty home game against an NFC North opponent who is on the rise but probably in the same spot as our beloved Bills. The Lions have alot of great young talent, I belive we will throw some complexed defensive packages at the young QB and this game will be detrmined by our ability to disrupt Stafford & Co.

Very Winnable game against an opponent with some of the same concerns as our own.

Week 11:@ Cincinnati: A team that showed last year that they have the talent to do some damage, personally I think they flew under everyones radar last year and surprised some teams. Their true colours showed in the playoffs, the had great improvement on the defensive side of the football and their offense put up marginal numbers.

A chance to steal one from an AFC opponent, in tough on the road though.

Week 12: @ Home vs Pittsburgh: Now alot of people seem to  think the Steelers wheels have fallen off, this is going to be a desperate team scratching and clawing to win every football game it has this year, especially when Big Ben is back from suspension.

To me this is gunna be a turning point for the Bills if they can win this game along with the games I have them winning this could make or break the playoffs.

Week 13: @ Minnesota: Tough place to play football, the metrodome is gunna be loud, and its indoors the Bills don't play to well indoors, Adrian Peterson and Co. should give the Bills all they are worth in this tilt.

Tough game on the road late in the season after playing a hungry Steelers team, outlook bad for this one.

Week 14: @ Home vs Cleveland: Now if there is one game this year I am looking forward to its this one, Buffalo wrote th book on Shi**ng the bed against Cleveland last year and the year before they lost on a Missed FG. I just hope we can finally just lay an absolute butt kicking to Cleveland and put to rest all those people who put Cleveland and Buffalo in the same sentence.

Very Very Winnable game at home vs weaker opponent.

Week 15: @ Miami: Now Alotwill have changed since Week 1, who knows who will be injured who will be playing well who's head cases have gone and screwed up, alot can happen over the course of 14 Weeks. Toss up I'll call it

In tough especially in the weaning weeks of the season who knows what could happen.

Week 16: @ Home vs New England: Now same situation as the previous weeks, i love what the NFL did to start with the rivalries and end with the rivalries, now I know we haven't given New England much of a shot minus last years opening game but this year I feel something different, New England doesn't have the running depth it used to and doesn't have that aging Defense any more.

Im gunna go out on a lim and say the new Bills regime steal one from New England.

Week 17 @ NYJ: Could be a game with serious playoff implications, hopefully Buffalo embraces the moment and shows up on the defensive side of the ball because Santonio will be in the lineup for NY and we all know what he can do when hes playing at the top of his game.

Tough game in a new stadium for the Bills

In summary: The Bills go 10 - 6 in a positive situation and the Bills go 5-11 negative situation, all we can do is wait and see.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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