Detailed and In Depth Look - 2011 Draft Quarterbacks (Updated 5/4/2010)

Next years draft class is absolutely loaded with Quarterback talent.  There could be as much as five quarterbacks going in the first round.  There are at least three quarterbacks ranked as top 20 talent.  I must remind you that this is an early look at next year's quarterbacks; a lot can happen between now and then.

  1. Jake Locker - Washington (Senior) - 6'3'' 223lb
    Coach:  Steve Sarkisian

    Good arm strength - good zip on all passes
    Excellent mobility, can score with his legs, can escape the rush
    Flawless mechanics, great footwork, high quick release
    Incredible leader, franchise QB
    Great accuracy on all passes
    Good learner, reads the defense, sells play action, feels the rush
    Coached in a pro style offense, great upside

    Still has a lot of learning to do
    Sometimes locks onto receivers and at times indecisive
    Can improve arm strength

    2009 Highlights

  2. Andrew Luck - Stanford (Red shirt Sophomore) 6'4'' 235lb
    Coach:  Jim Harbaugh

    Well Coached
    Good arm strength - puts zip onto all throws
    Excellent accuracy
    Natural leader
    Excellent mechanics, footwork, release
    Nerves of steal
    Reads the field extremely well
    Excellent leadership skills - prototypical franchise QB

    Needs to improve arm strength
    Young - has a lot to learn
    Needs to sell the play action better

    2009 Season Highlights

  3. Ryan Mallet - Arkansas  (Red shirt Junior) 6'7'' 240lb
    Coach:  Bobby Petrino

    Incredible athlete
    Massive arm strength
    Massive structure
    Very well coached
    Great footwork, good mechanics
    Tremendous Upside

    Very raw
    Too big?
    Needs to improve decision making and reading the defense
    Needs more playing experience

    Career Highlights

  4. Christian Ponder - Florida State (Senior) 6'3'' 220lb
    Coach:  Jimbo Fisher

    Good footwork
    Good pocket presence
    Makes good defensive reads - and makes good decisions
    Moves well in the pocket - has the athleticism to be a scrambler
    Strong arm - can throw the deep ball
    Good deep ball accuracy

    Needs to put more zip on the ball
    Forces the ball into tight spaces
    Release could be shorter
    College system questionable
    Needs to improve short throw accuracy
    Gets "jumpy" in the pocket

    Christian Ponder Highlights

  5. Jerrod Johnson - Texas A&M (Senior) 6'5'' 230lb
    Coach:  Mike Sherman

    Size - height, bulk
    Arm strength
    Throws well on the run
    Great at escaping pressure
    Ability to extend play
    Scrambling ability
    Places the ball in good place for receivers

    Played in spread
    Poor footwork
    Elongated mechanics
    Needs to put more zip on the ball
    Throws off back foot
    Ability to read defense is questionable

    Jerrod Johnson Highlights

  6. Terrelle Pryor - Ohio State (Junior) 6'6'' 230lb
    Coach:  Jim Tressel

  7. Pat Devlin - Delaware (Senior) 6'4'' 220lb
    Coach:  K.C. Keeler

  8. Blaine Gabbert - Missouri (Senior)
    Coach:  Gary Pinkel

  9. Case Keenum - Houston (Senior) 6'1'' 210lb
    Coach:  Kevin Sumlin

My Personal QB Obsession:

Matt Barkley:  I know its very early to even mention his name - but i am absolutely obsessed with Matt Barkley.  He is the perfect QB.  There is absolutely nothing negative I can say about him - nothing.  Maybe he is too good to be true.  He is 18 years old and performs at such a high level.  He has nerves of steal, strong leader, perfect mechanics, perfect footwork, prototypical size, smart... ext ext ext.

Watch his highlights against ND - get a sense of how strong his arm is...

USC vs Notre Dame



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