Just to Clarify!

1st things first, to all those who think CJ Spiller was a bad pick, you are entitled to your opinion thats for sure.

But just to clarify, if you think CJ is going to by any means steal touches away from Freddy J you are sadly mistaken, Freddy J is the now the feature back of this football team. If you look at any good running game in the NFL, its a two back system, ( Jets, Ravens,Old Pitt, Minnesota, Dallas....) that being said, CJ is more of a threat to guy like Rosoce who threw himself under the bus with the old regime, by talking to much and fumbling that punt return against Cleveland.Spiller will see lots of action in the slot aswell, thats why i say hes a threat to Roscoe.

CJ brings speed to our always good return game, and a third down back that can come out of the back field and catch the ball. In the double back shotgun package, Freddie J is a better pass blocker then Spiller so Spiller can leak out and make this offense more dangerous.

Secondly, I fully believe that Trent Edwards has the best shot at being the starting QB of this team, its his job to lose, he is alot better then Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm is a project that i hope to god works out for the Bills and dont get me wrong if Brian comes in September and destroys the competition by all means it should be his Job and I think thats what CHIX is trying to make happen, but I think Trent has got the message aswell and he will be back this year.

Thirdly, This team had the most games lost to injuries in the past two years, and I feel this flies under the radar, Bell played all of 1 game with the guys he spent training camp with, and that one game was against the patriots where we shot ourself in the foot and lost a game we should have won. Our O line looked fantastic that game looked almost dominant then Butler got Hurt, Bell got hurt Wood got hurt we brought in journey men, by the names of Kendall Simmons, Richie Incognito ( who we should have resigned), some practice squad guys from other teams.

My point is give this group of O lineman a chance to be good before we blow it up, we did a hell of a job in getting some solid traing regiments implemented so far this offseason and hopefully it pans out.

Last but not least, Marshawn Lynch. This is a guy who is treading on thin ice and I fully believe what Buddy says when he says he wants this guy around and why wouldnt you want a proven 1000 yard rusher on your roster, Marshawn brings somethin Freddie nor CJ can bring, some tough in your face short yardage running. When Beast Mode is in full effect this guy is one hell of a running back. One of the hardest if not the hardest guy to tackle one on one. if Marshawn can get his head screwed on straight we look to have one of the best backfields in the NFL. and heres a thought but why not throw Marshwn at fullback, imagine his playmaking skills as a full back hes got the frame, and hes got the raw power and he can come out of the backfield and make the catch. Just a thought.

I hope this can bring some clarity to those who believe CJ Spiller was the wrong pick, Trents a bad QB and our O Line is the worst in the NFL.

Oh and just a footnote: That game against New England when our full team, was in tact:

48 plays for 276 yards

5.8 yards per play

4.7 yeards per rush

4 sacks allowed

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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