Whats So Different?

Theres alot of comparisons going on between this years rendition of the Bills and last years team.

Well lets look at the offense first:

GONE - Terrell Owens,Josh Reed (as of right now), Stupar, Incognito even though he doesnt count because he was a late season addition, and some other fillers & AVP

ADDITIONS - Spiller,Green, Easley, Wang, Calloway and some UDFA's, Chan Gailey

T.O. vs James Hardy - I personally am extremley happy he is gone and James is gunna get his shot, T.O gave up on routes far to frequently last year, wasnt a particulary good run blocker (even though he didnt get much chance because we were three and out all season long), and stole the spotlight from guys like Jairus Byrd when it came to stories on the Bills (it doesnt happen very often on sportscentre but when they did talk about the Bills it was always Owens).

Outlook: Its dumb to try and compare T.O and Hardy, clearly T.O is the better player but for a young kid like Hardy to try an make a name for himself there is not a better chance then now. I'll give T.O the edge even though in my opinion i'd rather have Hardy.

Josh Reed vs Spiller/Easley/Johnson - Its clearly evident that we are going to miss Josh Reed, he was Trent Edwards favorite target, caught the ball almost everytime you threw at him and was very reliable, that being said Reed was very slow and couldn't line up as a starter had one of our recievers gone down.

Outlook: I will give the edge to the new combination of slot guys because in all honesty with speed comes big plays. Reed was a very reliable player but i just feel the offense is more likely to make huge plays just based on the big playmaking abilty spiller brings to this football team.

Cornell Green vs Brad Butler - Brad Butler in the short time he was a Buffalo Bill was exactly what a Bills fan looks for. Hard Working, Smart gets the job done every Sunday. I cant say the same about Cornell Green, i dont know much about Green just that this guy was a penalty machine in Oakland and played for the worst football team in the NFL and lost his job. We're trading a 27 year old workhorse for a 34 year old penalty machine

Outlook: Brad Butler takes this matchup in a heartbeat. No more to say.

In terms of offense I dont know if we got any better, but I dont feel we got any worse, hopefully with the new training staff we can stay healthy and thats a big part to an offense being productive, being healthy so if we can stay healthy who knows maybe we can be a better offensive team.

Time for some Defensive talk:

GONE - Keith Ellison( Hes still on the roster but no playing time anywhere for this guy), Ashlee Palmer, possibly Schobel, and some fillers, Perry Fewell

ADDITIONS: Dwan Edwards, Andra Davis, Torrel Troup, Alex Carrington and some late round picks and UDFA's,George Edwards

3-4 VS 4-3 - Well with the drafting of Troup and Carrington and the signing of Edwards we look as if we have all the personnel to run a pretty solid 3-4, that being said our 4-3 wasnt horrible it was a bend but dont break Defense but that doesnt win championships tough hard nose fight ya for every yard defenses win championships.

Outlook: I like the 3-4 and think we have done all the right things to get this defense going, we will miss Fewell and his firey attitude and his awesome blitz's on third and long up the gut but I have a feeling Edwards has a solid grasp on this defenseive scheme. Edge new regime 

Maybin vs Chris Kelsay in terms of outside Pass rushing - Maybin is the perfect mold for a 3-4 OLB, Big, Strong, Fast and eager to prove himself after a miserable 2009, where Kelsay in 4-3 had a better chance of getting a date with Meghan Fox then he did getting to the QB. I have never seen a guy struggle so hard to get sacks haha.

Outlook: I'll take Maybin standing and getting a great jump in the 3-4 over Kelsay any day of the week month or year.

With the additions to this defense + the health issues getting sorted out this defense has no weaknessess, 3 solid ILB's (Davis, POZ, Mitchell,) combined with big fast OLB's (Maybin,Schobel,Mitchell on passing downs) and soid if not spectacular DB's (McGee,McKelvin,Whitner,Byrd,Florence,Corner,Lankster). Then take into account our front 3 with a rotation of (Stroud,Troup,Williams,Edwards,Carrington,Johnson,McCargo,Kelsay on passing downs) I personally think this defense is gunna be great.

Now on to Special Teams:

Regardless of who we have returning kicks whether it be McKelvin, Jackson, Spiller, Parrish, McGee we have alsways had a great return game and I dont see that changing especially because I see Spiller returning everything.

This is where the Bills have always stayed ahead of the competition, Special Teams and I also think this is where Spiller will contribute the most in his first year. Hes a big play player and He will have a huge impact on Special Teams.

All in All our Offense didnt get better but i didnt get drastically worse, our Defense got alot better and our Special Teams added a Special Talent so do things look good going forward I think so.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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