mob16151's final mock draft

So yea, this is my final mock draft of the year. We have (most of) the pro day's in. We have the combine in, lets make this happen.

RD 1. CJ Spiller RB Clemson- Arguably the single most talented player in this seasons draft class. Instantly adds a quick strike capability to our offense, and he's a great KR. Remember this guy's had 21 TD's of 50 yards or more in his time at Clemson.  I know some of you are already freaking out going oh noes, we need >insert position your obsessed with here<. Relax I'm gonna hook every thing up, keep reading.



RD 2. Tim Tebow QB Florida- Another controversial selection. However as much as I'm personally against the Tebow pick, he does make a certain amount of sense here. Plus can you imagine Tebow, Spiller, and Davis/Lynch running a wildcat or pistol style offense here? I feel like we'd have the capability to put up points by the bunch.


RD 3. Sam Young OT Notre Dame- He's a guy who's still a bit of a project, but he has a ton of physical ability. And he actually performed pretty well at the Senior Bowl. While this pick can be looked at as a project pick, 3 years down the road this may very well be the steal of the draft.


RD 4.  Riley Cooper WR Florida- He's a nice tall red zone target, and more importantly he provides a nice comfortable target for Tebow to throw to when he's ready.


RD 5. Al Woods NT LSU- A freakish athlete with great gifts, this is a guy who could be a starter at the NT position from day one. Also a hard guy to project do to lack of performance on the field, combined with said freakish physical abilities.


RD 6. Brandon Sharpe OLB Texas Tech- A guy who's pretty much a pure pass rusher. Shouldn't be asked to drop back in coverage. But he does get after the QB extremely well.


RD 6. Andrew Quarless TE Penn State- He's a guy who's fallen recently, and he has some character concerns. However when on the field for Penn State he did nothing but produce. Plus if we pick him we can cut Klopfenstein for the umpteenth million time.


RD 7. Chris Degeare OG Wake Forest-He's struggled with weight issues. However when motivated he's a very good performer and adds some nice depth along the O line.


RD 7. Brett Swenson K Michigan State- I'd just like to see some competition for Kicker. Lindell cant kick forever, can he?

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