Some Bills related gibberish

I wanted to post a few of my thoughts on certain topics surrounding our Bills. I will break these down in sections so you can read what you want....or ignore all of it and just type "you're a fool" like K will.



 While I still maintain that he would have been a real nice pick-up even at the price Washington paid, I am not disappointed he didn't choose to come here. It makes sense from his point of view. I mean if he wants to win a ring before he retires and he has the choice of coming to Buffalo, going to Oakland, or going to Washington, it makes sense that he chooses Washington. I don't think the geographic location has anything to do with it, he went to Syracuse for Pete's sake. Washington has the head coach with the best track record, an owner willing to spend whatever it takes to win a championship, a larger and wealthier fanbase then the other two combined, and lets face it probably a better team in place right now. I totally understand his decision to pick Washington. 


 The acquisition of McNabb by the Skins opens up the possibility that Jason Campbell could be had for the right price. I have to ask myself two questions about Campbell; Is he the quarterback of the future? Is he a better stop gap veteran to keep a rookies seat warm then what is currently on the roster? In other words; Is he a better option then Trent and or Fitzpatrick, both long term and short term? If the Bills would still get a QB in the draft to groom (Bradford, Tebow, Clausen...etc.) then is Campbell that much better then Trent or Fitzpatrick to justify the draft pick compensation? If the Bills think he can be the guy not just this year but moving forward as well and his acquisition would dissolve the need to draft a QB, then of course you go get him. The Question is: is he better then Trent, Fitzpatrick, and or a rookie? Not sure he is.....


 Why does everyone want to limit what the Bills do at a certain spot? It drives me nuts when I see a post that says something like, "The Bills need to draft (insert position(s) here) at #9!!!" If you want to say that there isn't a running back (just to use as an example) worthy of being the #9 overall pick, that is very different then saying that the Bills shouldn't draft a running back at #9. I agree that there is a limit to how you determine the Best Player Available (BPA), and that the Bills should be cautious and not to dump another player into an overloaded position but then I would have to ask, what position do the Bills have that is overloaded with talent? Just remember serviceable and elite talent are nowhere near the same. 


 I feel like I really don't want to spend more time writing about this clown, but since I was one of the ones (if not the first) to broach the topic of trading him around here, I feel I have a bit of a responsibility to do so. So now Marshawn wants to be traded out of Buffalo and he is skipping the voluntary workouts. I'm not sure the two are related but it would seem that way wouldn't it? It seems like the more he is proving me right that he should be traded, the more he decreases his trade value to the point that it makes more sense to keep him since you won't be getting squat in return for him. I posted a mock draft pretty early in the process, and in it I had the Bills taking Jahvid Best in round two. I feel like that would be a great pick even more so now than I did then. I am not a "Lynch Hater" as many have been labeled around here, I just think that the team should get what they can before it is too late. I guess I would have to ask the "Lynch Lovers" around here; How much more does he have to prove that he has not in fact learned his lesson before you admit his talent isn't worth the trouble/headache? Just let me know and I will stay quite until we get to that inevitable point.


 I think that if you asked how I would feel to find out that the Bills drafted Tim Tebow with the 9th overall pick this year as early as three months ago, I probably would have puked in my shoes. I have to admit that I am much more amicable to the idea now. I still think that 9 is a little high, but I also think that if the Bills do in fact think he is the QB of the future for the Bills then why risk it? Contrary to so opinions selecting a player that busts, even as high as number 9 overall does not set a team back five years or more. I have used this example before and I will do so yet again. Matt Leinart was taken with the 10th overall pick in the 2006 draft by the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinal went to Superbowl XLIII in 2008. Now while I wouldn't label Leinart a bust just yet, his career stats don't exactly light up a score board. The point is, and the recent trade of Donovan McNabb proves, is that good QBs get moved around enough that if Tebow proves he isn't the guy, he can be replaced.

 I also don't give a wit about his mechanics. Don't feed me that. As long as he can get the football where it has to be when it has to be there, who cares? Bernie Kosar, Philip Rivers, and Kerry Collins are all guys who had flaws in their mechanics and they had / are having success in the NFL as quarterbacks. As long as he isn't tossing up ducks, and can get the football where it has to be I don't see why everyone gets hung up on his mechanics. The bigger concern about Tebow in my opinion would be his ability to read a NFL defense. Is he going to be able to go through his reads and make the proper decision? Or is he going to tuck the ball under his arm and take off far too often because he can't identify where to put the football. That is what I am more concerned over, not his footwork or arm angle.

Thats all I got for now. I'm sure I will think of more later.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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