Random Musings of Cinga

I know a lot of people around here think that now with the trade of McNabb to the Skins, Buffalo has a great shot at Clausen, and seem to agree that he will be our pick... While it's apparent that Chix went hard after McNabb, or at least as hard as a couple Ga "good ole boys" can, I see things a little differently....

Look, if Chix was sold on the pickle, and planned to draft him, why McNabb??? A second rd pick, and probably more, for a stop gap of a year or 2 till Clausen was ready just doesn't make sense. Especially if he is so NFL ready as many think.... And now the rumors are swirling that the Bills are interested in Campbell too...

When the news of the McNabb trade hit, the last thing I expected to hear was interest in Campbell quite frankly... I don't know that anyone will dispute that our 2 greatest needs on offense are OT and QB... I wasn't sold on the new Staff wanting a QB yet until the McNabb deal however admittedly... If we had gotten him, I would have expected an OT in the first... Likewise, if we are truly interested in the pickle, I would expect an OT in the second or third... Or, what I really expected to follow the McNabb misfire, us now using that second he would cost in another trade for Gaither...

But now, with the apparent interest in Campbell.... Why??? If we're really enamored with Clausen, by most pundits, the most NFL ready of this years crop??? Well, I can only come up with 2 reasons.....

1) Buffalo has it's sights on someone else at 9... Someone not related to a Vlasic.....

2) It's that time of year.... Smoke screens abound... And Buddy knows the game... All our QB chasing is to make people think we don't want Clausen... But I'm not buying that one, cause literally everyone now thinks that's exactly who we want!!! So I refer you back to #1.....

I think Buddy wants everyone to think it's Clausen we want, but it's all a smoke screen... Again, why would we chase other QBs if he were gonna be our pick right along... Buddy has his sights on someone else that he's afraid someone will try to leapfrog us to take.... Dan Williams???? I don't know, I'm just musing after all... Randomly at that... :)

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