The Result of the Last 36hrs of My Life

Which were originally earmarked for teaching myself 4 chapters of organic chemistry... gotta love dropped exam grades. lol (this would be much less sad if it wasn't true)

So I'm all hopped up on Caffeine and Adderol (i have ADD, I swear...) which might account for a slight hyperactivity during the aforementioned time period comment-wise, sorry if my whacked out state has caused me to step on some toes. its already caused me to write one really really misguided Fanpost which thankfully the wonderful staff here removed mere seconds after I dropped it.  Very ranty, sorta meanspirited, and not very well put together.

But enough about me, lets talk Turkey, or rather, to quoth Chix (dont remember which one): Baby.

Jason Campbell is the latest 'Hot' CoED QB to draw the interest of this fanbase, now that McNabb is taken care of.

I say trade for Campbell: for a 4th or a 4th and a conditional 4-5 next year, maybe 3-4-5 with really high requirements for the 3rd, like 10 touchdowns and a playoff berth... wait a minute those conditions sound really familiar... Oh well, must be related to a player whose time in Buffalo was irrelevant. (but realistically, I'm talking 25-30TDs and a playoff berth for that 3rd, just to dangle it)

Gaither is also a big topic here.   When he first came up, I sorta blew it off, thinking that the extra LT from a team that just drafted Oher isn't a solution.  I then noticed that the Gaither talk wasnt going away, so I looked into it.
Lets just say, I was impressed.   And props to, they must live in a film room.

So Clausen is a guy I could get behind pretty easily, I almost went to ND myself (then decided to go to a school with good sports ;)), and he is great at the end of the game.  Except I like him, I dont Love him.  Theres a couple players I would rather draft, except that its hard to pass on a QB; JC is on track to become the Michael Oher of the 2010 draft if the Bills skip him.

 Tebow is also interesting, If you could take Bradford's long accuracy, Clausen's release and footwork, and Tebow's everything else, I refuse to ever say the 'I' word again until after the draft, I'd be in Bills heaven, but alas you cant.  Hes a second rounder, and, as far as I'm concerned, a backup plan.

Bradford was never an option. The rest arent good enough.  I like Brown and Skelton, but they are lightyears from starting and the needs are too many to invest long term in a boom or bust QB with no alternative to lead the team till hes ready.

Enter Jason Campbell: Hes got better stats than any Bill since Bledsoe, has improved each of his 3.5 years, and throws the same PassAttempt:INT ratio that Peyton does.  
- Under Gibbs, he started out playing a system that was old fashioned, and ineffective without a healthy Portis (its like the jackelope... some say this rare variation of the species Clintonitus Portisitis does exist, but no one has ever seen one), then moved on to a West Coast offense under coach Jim Zorn when Gibbs failed to keep the franchise competitive..
-The Redskins line was just as bad as the Bills last year and he still outperformed Fitzgedwards handily, and while his team didn't implode days before the opener,  his coach, also offensive playcaller, recieved a resounding vote of no-confidence when he was forcibly stripped of his manhood playcalling duties.  
-the position of QB coach was basically in constant flux through his time in Washington as well. He hasnt lived up to his draft position, but perhaps a change of scenery and hopefully alittle stability will help him out... the stuff is there, its all about the polish.

Then the 'Skins took McNabb, in what is sure to be the off-season move most likely to bore every AFC team fan for the entire season when they discuss nothing else on ESPN.

This is how i propose sh..tuff goes down:


1: WR Oklahoma State:   Dez Bryant with # 9. Try and argue against it, you cant, its. just. too. perfect.  Evans may actually approach 1000yds again

2. Trade 41 for Gaither, sign him big and long, he may not have elite potential, but hes already proven to be very good.  He was really quite phenomenal last year, and no one knows it, apparently not even Ozzie.

3. NT Central Florida:  Since 4 is gone this becomes very important, they didn't trade down, so, unless one of the unloadables listed below get traded, its either OLB or NT.  I say Torrell Troup, cause the position is so pivitol and there is no NT on the roster, favorite and harvey are sort-of a joke.  Norwood would probably be my OLB pick here. (just so I could say I drafted a USC player)

4. Traded to Redskins for Campbell.
Trading for Campbell however does NOT mean that the Bills would be investing their future in him.  What it means is that they will have someone competent back in there for the first time since early Bledsoe.  Dont yall miss watchin games and seeing good throws? for first downs? and occasionally more than 6 yds?  And a 4th round pick for an immediate starter?! thats like some costco prices right there.

5. ILB Kentucky:  Micah Johnson or best OLB left

6. OG TCU: Marshall Newhouse, OG Clemson:Thomas Austin, OG Wake Forest: Chris DeGeare, TE Pittsburgh:  Nate Byham, TE Illinois:  Mike Hoomanawanui, RB S. Illinois:  Deji Karim or B.WB.A., B.LB.A.

7. Blocking TE if decent one available, B.LB.A., B.OL.A., or B.WB.A.

**B.__.A. = Best [position] Available**   WB = waterbug


POS.   #   STARTER                #    Backup                       #   Reserve                  #   Reserve
WR     * Dez Bryant                84 James Hardy               * Chad Jackson         15 Felton Huggins
LT       *  Jared Gaither          69 Jamon Meredith         73 Kirk Chambers     76 Andre Ramsey      
LG     67 Andy Levitre            
C       63 Geoff Hangartner   61 Christian Gaddis  
RG    70 Eric Wood                ( * Marshall Newhouse)
RT     * Cornell Green           77 Demetrius Bell            74 Nick Hennessey    66 Jason Watkins
TE     89 Shawn Nelson       ( * Nate Byham)                80 Derek Schouman  88 Jonathan Stupar   87 Joe Klopfenstein
WR   83 Lee Evans               13 Steve Johnson            11 Roscoe Parrish      
QB    17 Jason Campbell     5 Trent Edwards              4 Brian Brohm  
RB    22 Fred Jackson         23 Marshawn Lynch         ( * Deji Karim)           25 Justise Hairston  
FB    38 Corey McIntyre  
DE    99 Marcus Stroud        97 John McCargo  
NT     * Torrell Troup              95 Kyle Williams                * Marlon Favorite       98 Lonnie Harvey  
DE     * Dwan Edwards         91 Spencer Johnson       72 Rashaad Duncan  
OLB  58 Aaron Maybin          90 Chris Kelsay  
ILB    51 Paul Posluszny       55 Kawika Mitchell           53 Marcus Buggs      57 Jon Corto
ILB    * Andra Davis                ( * Micah Johnson)           54 Nic Harris              96 Ryan Manalac
OLB  94 Aaron Schobel       55 Kawika Mitchel           93 Chris Ellis  
CB    24 Terrence McGee     27 Reggie Corner             26 Ashton Youboty    25 Ellis Lankster
SS    37 George Wilson        20 Donte Whitner              43 Bryan Scott  
FS     31 Jairus Byrd              20 Donte Whitner              54 Nic Harris
CB    29 Drayton Florence    28 Leodis McKelvin          47 Cary Harris            40 Lydell Sargeant

the (parentheses'd) players are the interchangable ones, based on how they fall. In most cases, not Johnson though, a different player at the same position could be taken based on BPA.  The 2 6ths and 7ths arent accounted for, but there are 4, not 3 players from 5-7 on the depth chart above.
Schobel is crossed out because there is no guarantee he'll be back

Bold Means Remaining Large Hole

That looks servicable to me.  The only glaring need is OLB which Schobel would help, I think a good schmoozing is in order lol, but its still a really really thin position.  I would bring in a bunch of UDFA's and also see if anything becomes/is available

Davis/Edwards are the two best signings I could have hoped for, though I was hoping for Larry Foote, but Davis did exactly what hes doing now in Denver last year, and he was one of the highest rated ILBs on while doing it, so im happy there.    Johnson and Poz are future ILB anchors.

Imagine Bell taking over at RT, and the late round OG perhaps earns a starting spot eventually, bumping Wood to C and Hang to interior depth man.  
Gaither - Levitre - Wood - New Guy - Bell     This looks really good to me, it probably wont happen next year, but the next year? definitely possible.

Lynch, Whitner, Kelsay, Mitchell, McCargo, Klop/Stu/Shou could be traded if the picks/players(OLB!!!!) being offered are worth it
Lynch = 2-3rd wanted
Whitner=2-3rd wanted (possible involvement w/ Campbell trade cause Landry is really bad)
Kelsay=5-6rd wanted
Mitchell=probably not picks, he probably wont go, but he could be removed without too much damage if OLB can be addressed
McCargo= 6-7rd wanted
Klop/Stu/Shou = ~5-6rd wanted for whichever

The Offense:
WR:  Two Stud WRs, two potentially good WRs underneath them, one roscoe parrish, et al.
RB:   Freddy  and a Water Bug
TE:    Nelson, some decent Blocker 
OL:   Gaither - Levitre - Hang - Wood - Green
QB:   Jason Campbell

Possible awesome formation?
Singleback Set, Nelson on the line next to Green(i hope bell earns this job), Evans wide on the left, Bryant wide on the right, Stevie/James in the slot on the long side of the field (Nelson could also move into the slot for a 4 wide look).

Or what about a triple WR bunch with Hardy/Nelson on the inside, Dez in the middle, and Evans on the outside. Maybe the blocking TE is lined up next to Green as well, putting 4 players right on top of that side of the line, potentially 2 of them TE's, put the little guy in at RB misdirection cutback run to the weak side? TD. every time


what about whitner and a next year conditional for campbell???

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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