There are alot fo Low risk high reward Options available

To Me the key to the Jason Campbell trade is what we give up if we have to give up a third rounder whats the point? let Washington keep him and pay him until they feel they need to release him.

Then there the recently let go Marc Bulger.....

Now heres an interesting idea. Marc Bulger at one point and time was as good as they come in this league he was agile had a cannon for an arm had great pocket presence but something happened but what happened a guy doesnt just become a terrible player in this league overnight something happened. Mike Martz leaving is what happened the offence spouttered out of control and bye bye Marc Bulgers career.

Now I dont know to much about Chan Gailey but I do know he is somewhat of an offensive guru, and when you look at the offensive "weapons" in Buffalo we do have a few. Lee Evans is a DEFINTE deep threat, Fred Jackson can create of the dump thanks is most part to CHECK DOWN TRENT and Roscoe when he is used right could be a Santana Moss type player Santana even said it himself. So why not throw Marc Bulger a bone offer him a minimal deal and see what this guy can do. Whats the worst thing that can happen he doesnt make the team we release him?

Then there is a guy named Billy Volek who backs up Phillip Rivers in San Diego. Now I know for a fact the Buddy Nix know what Billy is all about and I know the bills could throw Marshawn out there for Volek straight up.

What about this gentleman known as Troy Smith who won a Heisman award just Like Tebow that has been buried on The Ravens bench and knows that Joey Flacco is the go to guy there so hes gotta be worth a look.

Now I know what alot of people are gunna say why not just take a QB in the draft, but if all your having to give up for these guys in minimul compensation then why draft a QB? Why not try to give a guy that has paid his dues in this league a fair shot to be a starter in this league.

The draft can fill definte holes on your roster in the first 3 rounds if you draft right and thats why we got Buddy to get the draft right so why not go out and give these guys a try.

Now im not saying go out and get all of them but hey if we have 5 guys competing for the starting position on this roster then so be it. Just sit back and enjoy the ride and let the best QB win because in reality as Bills fans what else could we ask for?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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