Walking Down Hypothetical Ave

We haven't discussed Sam Bradford much around these parts, for obvious reasons, aside from Buffalonian's engaging post a few days ago. Sam Bradford is far and away the top-rated football-throwing talent in the 2010 draft, and there are a few teams ahead of the Bills who are undoubtedly in need of an improvement. So yes, it's quite simple to understand why we haven't thought much of the Bills' opportunity to land him.

For the sake of keeping things fresh around here, let's enter into a supposed conversation.....

Suppose the Rams aren't enamored with paying ANYONE #1 pick money, Bradford included. Or suppose they can't decide who to take with the pick. Now suppose they allow the 15 minutes to expire, without making their selection. What happens next? For starters, we know that they lose the rights to draft a player ahead of #2 at that point, so they'd have to wait until after Detroit hands their card in to select the player they want. Aside from that, they begin to affect the draftboards of numerous teams.

Suppose the Rams could care less about making their 1st-round pick at all (insanity, yes). How in the world would the draft shake out at that point? Now you have a situation where the Rams--who have become decidedly uninterested in risking it all on Bradford (who likely should fall into the huge risk, huge reward category)--have chosen to play a game unlike one ever seen in recent memory.

The questions begin...

At this point, where does Sam Bradford land? Who takes him? Do opinions of him change after the team that was supposed to pick him leaves him on the wire?  Are draftrooms influenced by other teams' passing on high-profile players? Does Buffalo start to mortgage the farm on this lottery ticket? Is he even a good fit in Buffalo?

Stranger things have happened. I'd be ultra-curious to find out how far a player with his ability and mechanics could fall if the Rams became scared enough, and as serious as advertised about NOT wanting to pick #1 overall.

Author's note: The Rams would be crazy to pass on Sam Bradford, even for Suh; even to stockpile picks in this draft.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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