****Mock Draft 4/7****

1. St. Louis - Sam Bradford QB -  This is a near certainty at this point. Smart and accurate QB, will buy the current regime a few years of job security.

2. Detroit -  Ndamukong Suh DT - Best player in the draft too good for Detroit to pass on, Okung could be an upset pick here. Schwartz knows the impact a player like this can have on the entire Defense; look for Detroit to be much improved this year.

3. Tampa Bay  -  Gerald McCoy DT - Tampa will be ecstatic to get McCoy or Suh here, McCoy is a better fit for their scheme. Some say he his the best player in the entire draft.

4. Redskins - Russell Okung OT - Assuming Detroit takes Suh this is a no brainer for Washington. Most complete Tackle in the Draft and the obvious choice.

5. Cheifs -  Bryan Bulaga OT - KC sould easily go with Berry or a surprise pick, Bulaga is the safe pick here. The type of player KC's front office will love, and that Cassell desperately needs.

6. Seattle - Trent Williams OT - Seattle has invested in the QB position with the Whitehurst trade and they still have Hasselbeck, their biggest need is to protect whoever is the starter. May need to start on the right side but is athletic enough to excel on the left.

7. Cleveland - Jimmy Clausen QB - Nearly every projection has Haden or Berry going here, but Holmgren will take Clausen as the future of the franchise. Could easily start from day 1 or sit behind Delhomme for a year or so.

8. Oakland -  Anthony Davis OT - Al Davis fills a huge need and reaches for a player with athleticism and tremendous upside. Not consistent enough to be picked here but the Raiders don't care and take the player they want.

9. Buffalo - Dan Williams DT - OT and QB are no longer possibilies so Buffalo fills a critical need for the new 3-4 alignment, not flashy but this offseason showed the importance of a strong NT in the NFL. Williams has power, strength and run stopping ability to eat up blocks and be a disruptive force from day one.

10. Jaguars - Eric Berry S - The value is too good to pass up with Berry who is a top 5 talent. McClain is the likely pick if Berry is not here. His speed, play-making ability, and leadership will be an asset for Jacksonville.

11. Broncos - Rolando McClain LB - Building on last years turnaround, Denver adds a key piece to a Defense that could be very formidable. McCain has the speed, strength, tackling and coverage skills to be a dominant LB similar to Patrick Willis.

12. Dolphins - Dez Bryant WR - Somewhat surprising for Parcells to take a player like this, but Byant is THAT GOOD, and Miami will benefit from an elite playmaker. Size, speed, and ball skills to be one of the best in the league.

13. 49ers - Joe Haden CB - The best player available and best corner in the draft, will fit nicely with the SF secondary, a steal at 13.

14. Seahawks - CJ Spiller RB - Don't be shocked if taken in the top 10, Seattle gets a possible game-breaker to go with a new LT. Spiller can make plays as a runner or receiver and makes a lackluster backfield dynamic.

15. Giants - Kyle Wilson CB -Can play zone and man, a good fit for Fewell's D, will improve a secondary that had more than its share or struggles last year.

16. Titans - Derrick Morgan DE- A perfect fit and solid player for a team that has lost a lot of talent along the D-Line.

17. 49ers - Mike Ipuati G - Physical Guard that Singletary will love, future All-Pro.

18. Steelers - Kareem Jackson CB - Secondary issues are equally significant as those along the O-Line.

19. Falcons - Jason Pierre-Paul DE- Boom or Bust, Atlanta gambles.

20. Texans - Maurkice Pouncey C/G - Will consider a RB here but Pouncey is a sure thing also fills a need.

21. Bengals - Earl Thomas S - Value is too high to pass up, Mays is a possilbe pick if Thomas doesn't fall to 21, but with both players available Thomas is the clear choice.

22. Patriots - Brandon Graham OLB - BPA also fills one of the Pats biggest needs, lucky to get him at 22 Graham will be a thorn in the side of other AFC East teams for a while.

23. Packers - Charles Brown OT -  Not as much upside as Campbell but less of a risk, still very athletic and can start from day one.

24. Eagles - Devin McCourty CB - Another team burned by secondary issues in 2009 hopes to find a solution. McCourty is the type of physical agressive corner that will be perfect for Philly here.

25. Ravens - Jared Odrick DE - Will be a force on a always menacing Defense. Finding a weapon for Flacco is possible but there is depth in round 2.

26. Cardinals - Jermaine Gresham TE - Arizona has not had a playmaker at TE, and Gresham will help the trasition from Kurt Warner and be a security blanket for Leinart.

27. Cowboys - Bruce Campbell OT - Perfect pick for Dallas because the can give him a year or two, in that time he has a "chance" to be in the top 5 at his position.

28. Chargers - Ryan Mathews RB - Excellent fit for San Diego finding a relpacement for LT. Mathews has the size, speed, and power to be a pro-bowl player at his position.

29. Jets - Sergio Kindle DE/OLB - Despite having an elite D, NY struggled to get to the QB last year. Kindle has the ability to be the explosive rusher NYJ need. Would love Odrick if he falls and could consider Griffen here.

30. Vikings - Taylor Mays S - There is definitely some risk here but Mays has rare size and speed; he was thought of as a top 10 talent before this past season, has the physical tools to be an elite player.

31. Colts - Sean Witherspoon LB - Colts would love to improve their O-Line but go with a player that will improve their Defense for years to come.

32. Saints - Everson Griffen DE - Saints need improved play from D-Line, pressure from Griffen will allow them to Blitz less and still get at the QB. High motor player that fits the bill for New Orleans.

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