ESPN: Buffalo Bills on the clock


So, lucky for you guys my cousin was in town last night. Being a good family man, I couldn't let him be in town without taking him out and getting blasted. Full disclosure, I had to call in sick from work today due to this familial obligation. Hopefully, my boss doesn't know who poz is! Anyway, back to why its good news for you guys. I have DVR and was watching ESPN when they put the Bills on the clock to discuss our team and draft needs. For our discussion pleasure, please enjoy some snippits from that segment.

First, Adam Schefter says Marshawn Lynch is the NFL player most likely to be traded BEFORE the draft. Interesting.

Second, Mike Tirico starts off by noting that outside WNY, nobody can name the General Manager, quarterback or coach of the Bills. He notes that this was  a team the country was very familiar with in the 90s but which has since fallen off the map.

Chris Mortenson: I have great respect for owner Ralph Wilson Jr, he's a hall of famer, but when your impatient, like he has been, this is what you get which is mediocrity. You've had too many changes, you've gotten unstable. But now  Buddy Nix is a solid football guy. And everyone in this league knows who Buddy Nix is. And Chan Gailey, hes a yawner for Bills fans but hes a solid football guy and is solid good enough for these guys? Maybe solid is the way to go.

Trent Dilfer: Everybody wants to blame the quarterback! Everyone wants to say "oh they need a quarterback in Buffalo", they need to block! A fundamental truth in the National Football League, you can not generate offense consistently if you can't block, run or pass game, they can't do either. They need to blow this offensive line up, they need to spend a majority of this draft on the offensive line before they address anything else offensively.

Mel Kiper Jr: [at pick 9] thats Trent Williams ... keep in mind the left tackle is Demetrius Bell and the right tackle is Cornell Green who couldn't get it done in Oakland, now he's expected to get it done with Buffalo. Also, wide receiver, James Hardy young kid out of Indiana he needs to step it up, cause guess what? There is nothing but question marks at that spot ... Defensively, they are in pretty good shape. Key guys,  Dwan Edwards brought in as a 3-4 end from Baltimore, Kyle Williams has to get it done at NT, Aaron Maybin now has to come through at OLB in that 3-4, that secondary is in great shape. So overall right now its offense. Both right and left tackle and Trent Williams provides them that versatility ... Wide receiver AND change of pace running back.

Some more notes:

Chris Mortenson likes Dester McCluster in a Chan Gailey offense.

Chris Mortenson: "I get the feeling that Trent Edwards is not their guy"

Mortenson also says with a sly look on his face that in the second round Buffalo will look at a certain nameless quarterback. Keep in mind he also says "Brian Brohm will get a chance to win that job [quarterback]". He adds that Ryan Fitzpatrick would be the number 2 in that situation. Regarding Tebow in the second round, Mort says "That will be something we will be watching in the second round with their [Buffalo's] pick".

For the record, stats on the screen:

Buffalo passing yards per game: 157.2 which makes us 30th in the league. Considering we had TO and Lee thats pathetic.

Our rushing yards were nice considering the injuries to the o-line and the disappearance of Beast Mode AND no fullback, 16th in the league for 116.7 yards a game. Big props to Fred for that.

30th in total yards per game as well.


Well there you go guys, enjoy the benefit of my sitting on my couch hung over and miserable. Boss if you know who I am, I'm sorry but family comes first!


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