A look into the past to get to the future

If history has proven one thing its that no trends in the NFL last for very long and that old trends get revised and then the cycle starts itself over. The Draft a QB High Trend, The Big Huge Possession Reciever trend, The 3-4 Defense Trend, The Wildcat trend, teams seem to like to steal other teams Idea's but if you look at the the teams that have stayed true, The Packers ( have been perenially good minus a few years here and there ) I hate to say it but the Steelers, The Cowboys, and The Eagles and some others but these guys never reach for picks they add a few free agents here and there and stay true to their gameplan. The Steelers have been the same team for about 10 years now RUn RUN RUN, D D D, The Eagles Offense very potent Defense bend but dont break, The Cowboys are well the Cowboys and the Pakers have always had that threat at all positions whether it be Dorsey Levens or Ryan Grant, Bubba Franks or Jermichael Finlay, Donald Driver or Antonio Freeman I think you get my point.

A love for the QB has become the new trend in the NFL and its because of guys like Peyton and Drew Brees.

and to take a look back to the early nineties when guys like Steve Young, Jim Kelly, Troy Aikmen were taking the league by storm and dont get me wrong in the eighties it was Joe Montana, Dan Marino and John Elway but the nineties these guys were the hottest names in the NFL, then the NFL went through its little phase of we dont need a QB we need defenses to stop these QB's and QB's like Brett Favre and Mark Brunell, and Rich Gannon fell through the cracks. These guys were all backups for a couple years before they got their respective shots a greatness.

The NFL is going through that QB phase right at the moment and guys like Phillip Rivers, Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb and others are being heavily leaned on to get their teams to the promise land and hopefully for us Bills fans the trend repeats itself and great QB's will fall through the Cracks to one Bills Drive.

The best part about this whole trend thing is that the Bills are already on the upside of the coming trend to bolster up our defense to stop QB's like Peyton and Drew Brees.

My point is this with all the spotlight being put on QB's its a great oppurtunity for a team to give a solid backup up for next to nothing becuase they cant afford to pay him and when that door opens I bet Chan and Buddy will be waiting with arms wide open.

The NFL is a league of trends and its also going through the 3-4 trend right now aswell as the QB trend. I believe the Bills will be more of a 4-6 then a 3-4. They will stack the box and play hard man coverage on the outside with a a big playmaking free safety roaming looking for picks. The Bills seem to be going in the right direction and I hope they dont fall into these trends. If you look back, teams that stayed true to thier roots were very successful where teams that followed the trends got lost in the mixup. The Bengals, The Seahawks, The Buc's, The Lions,.... They tried so hard so hard to find that big name QB in the draft and failed miserably and then teams like Steelers, Cowboys, Packers and Eagles have stayed true to there roots and look pretty good on paper. Now I know everyone is going to say The Steelers are on the decline the Eagles just lost Donovan and so on but thats what people said when the Packers lost Favre and when the Broncos lost Elway, they grabbed jake the Snake Plummer  and went to the playoffs. The teams that stay on track always seem to produce and hopefully thats what our Bills are up too.


Paully P For Prez Signing Out

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