My Conversation with Eric Wood

No I am not a reporter or sports writer, I just happened to stumble upon my favorite player on Saturday night.

So I was in visiting from Georgia (I have friends and family in Buffalo) and my friends wanted to go to a bar they had never been to. I forgot what the name of the bar was (maybe the Saddlebar or Buckin Buffalo to you Buffalonians would that make sense? But i am not positive). Well I walk into the bar and it's a great country bar, with a bucking Buffalo ready to ride. So I've had 2-3 drinks just hanging around and I see this HUGE, blond curly haired fellow. I then see that the girl sitting next to him is very good looking. I think, well obviously he's got the money. But it's not just one girl it's multiple girls around him, all beautiful. So I decide I got to get a closer look at this guy, so I move closer to him. I get up close and have a faint thinking that it could be Eric Wood, and I think he's fat, blond/curly hair, money, and ladies well I'll ask him if he's Eric Wood. So I ask him," Hey are you Eric Wood of the Bills?" he reply YES i am. And this is where our conversation begins...

1st off i told him how big of a fan I am of his, and offered to buy him a drink, he replied that he doesn't drink alcohol, although i'm pretty sure he was drinking a rum and coke BUT then I started to ask him some Bills questions

FYI- These aren't the exact questions and answers as i didn't have a pen and paper but they are very close to the question and answer...

Q- I started out by asking him how he likes Buffalo

A- Love it! The people are great and I love the place. The fans are so passionate I really love it here

Q- How is your relationship with Andy Levitre?

A- Me and Andy are really good friends, but not as good of friends as me and Brian (Brohm) as we roomed together in college. But me and Andy hang out a lot, he is actually coming with me here(the bar, i wish i knew the name for you guys next weekend.

Q- What do you think about the draft picks?

A- CJ is gonna be a star, i am telling you I’d be shocked if he doesn't become a star and hopefully he does with my help. But really he is just explosive and fast, he can also catch and return, he is gonna be a fan favorite. As for the other picks i don't really pay too much attention to the defense, but I honestly would have liked to see a lineman earlier, but I think Buddy knows what he's doing

Q- What do you think we should do with Marshawn Lynch?

A- Keep him, the guy is a great player, and the life of the party. I mean he is always so energetic and pumped up, it's great. If he can stay out of trouble he can truly be awesome

Q- So keep a 3 RB core? All of whom could potentially be starters?

A- Absolutely, it's so diverse to. Marshawn is a power back, Freddy is a little bit of everything back, and CJ is EXPLOSIVE! Together they could really benefit from each other

Q- What do you expect this season?

A- Honestly I think we can make the playoffs. Think about it, I have faith that the o-line will hold up(obviously he does), we have good WRs and maybe the best RB core in the league, if we can get that QB position fixed that'd be great. Our defense is really good now, we had a great secondary now add a great d-line and line backing core, and this defense is going to be special. I really think not only we can get to the playoffs, but we could do damage there.

I tilt my head back and down a shot of SoCo, because the answer to this question is scaring me...

Q- When do you expect to return from the knee injury (GULP)?

A- I really think I will be playing in the season opener, I really do. If not, I think there is no way I am not playing by week 2 or 3

I thank him for this little chat and tell him "nice to meet you, I am a huge fan, again" He thanks me and offers to buy me a drink, I absolutely accept. Eric Wood is as cool as I thought he'd be!

Again i feel like he was more comfortable telling me about the QB situation because I am not a reporter, but I am sure glad I got his take on the situation

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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