Our Biggest Problem is ..... But Is it changing?

Yesterday I said the NFL is all about trends, now it's time to look at a Buffalo Bills trend that needs to change and it looks like it is changing:

In 2000 The Buffalo Bills select:

1. Erik Flowers - BUST, 2. Traveres Tillman - Semi Bust played a couple good games, Other notables: Sammy Morris, DaShon polk.

No one wanted Flowers, Well San Diego gave him a shot and look how that panned out, Tillman ended up being a rotation guy that got released and Polk was one of my favorite S.T. guys for a while and we all know where Sammy ended up.

In 2001 The Buffalo Bills Select:

1.) Nate Clements - Absolute Stud, 2.) Aaron Schobel - Absolute Stud, 3.) Travis Henry -  Absolute Stud until traded and the rest is history, Other notables: Jonas Jennings, Ron Edwards Brandon Spoon and several others.

We all loved Nate and we let him go, Aaron is still kicking but for how long and We all loved Travis and we let him go, Edwrad was let go and then had a second stint but that failed and Jennings was pretty solid for a while then he fell off the wagon and Spoon one of those fantastic S.Teamers.

In 2002 The Buffalo Bills Select:

1.) Mike Williams - BUST, 2.) Josh Reed - Pretty Solid, Other Noteables: Ryan Denney, Coy Wire, Justin Bannan

Probably the worst draft of the Decade, Williams pooped the bed hard, Reed put in his time and now we have let him go and Denney is still trying to be a starter after 8 years, Wire plagued this team with his is he a big or is he a small and Bannan is a starter for the Ravens, Which we let him go.

In 2003 The Buffalo Bills Select:

1.) Traded to get McGahee, 2.) Chris Kelsay - Hard to say what he is, 3.) Angelo Crowell - If healthy a Stud, 4.) Terrance McGee - Absolute Stud, Other noteables: Sam Aiken

McGahee was solid injury prone but solid and we let him go for a 3rd round pick, still to this day that trade bothers me, Kelsay is what he is not worth a 2nd round pick but not an absolute Bust, Crowell we all loved and we let him go and McGee is where this whole article is getting at.

In 2004 The Buffalo Bills Select:

1.) Lee Evans - Absolute Stud, 1B.) - J.P. Losman Other Notables: Tim Anderson

Lee Evans is also what i'm getting at, and the rest of this draft went down the crapper.

In 2005 The Buffalo Bills Select:

2.) Roscoe Parrish - Pretty solid when he puts his mind to it, 3.) Kevin Everett - No one knows how good this kid coulda been, Other Notables: Duke Preston

Roscoe should improve this year in a system that could possibly utilize his skill set, Poor Everett was a solid prospect, and Duke was a solid rotational OL guy but we let him walk.

In 2006 The Buffalo Bills Select:

1.) Donte Whitner - Pretty Solid, 2.) John McCargo - Still waiting, 3.) Ashton Youbouty - Hard to say, Other Noteables: Ko Simpson, Kyle Williams, Brad Butler, Keith Ellison

Donte has done everything we have asked of him so far, John McCargo is a Kelsay type player that we tried to get rid of and failed, youbouty continues to float around this roster, Simpson was a rotational guy we got a 5th round pick for (good trade), Kyle Williams is really coming together, Brad took an unexpected route and Ellison is now lost on this roster.

In 2007 The Buffalo Bills Select:

1.) Marshawn lynch - Absolute Stud, 2.) Paul Posluszny - Absolute Stud, 3.) Trent Edwards - Exceeded expectations Other noteable: John Wendling, Derek Schouman get this drafted as a fullback.

Marshawn has done everything we could have asked for and we are trying to get rid of him, Paully p is a staple for the Buffalo Community just anhard working kid, Trent is gunna have a good year I can feel it, and John Wendling has floated around the S.T and Schouman showed some promise but I believe with Nelson hew will be the odd man out.

In 2008 The Buffalo Bills Select:

1.) Leodis McKelvin - Hard to say, 2.) James Hardy - Hard to say, Other Noteables: Chris Ellis, Reggie Corner, Derek Fine, Demetrius Bell, Steve Johnson

Leodis has showed why we took him so high but he has also shown some signs for concern, Hardy hasnt been healthy to give a fair opinion on him, Ellis has had two years to step up and hasnt, Corner adds solid depth, fine could be on his way out, Demetrius Bell is coming along the way they had envisioned him to, and Steve Johnson our supposed starter at No 2 Reciever was a 6th round pick.

In 2009 The Buffalo Bills Select:

1.) Aaron Maybin - Only Time will tell, 1.) Eric Wood - Looks like a Stud, 2.) Jairus Byrd - Looks like a Stud, 2.) Andy Levitre - Looks Like a Stud, Other Noteables: Shawn Nelson, Ellis Lankster

Aaron made a bad decision by holding out last year, and this is his chance and I think he will have a short leash, The rest of this draft was pretty solid cant complain.

In 2010 well opinions are opinons but no facts are out there yet so I will hold Judgements and praise.

My whole point of this article, (and I know it took a while to get to) is We have drafted Studs over the last 10 year game changers almost ( Clements, Crowell, McGahee, Henry,) and we let them go and this trend is changing and its changing because we offered guys like Evans and McGee some real dollars to stay on this roster but we cant let guys walk like we have in the past. Nate Clements was and still is one of the elagues best corners, McGahee is a very very productive back and had we have kept him we wouldnt have drafted Lynch and could have used that 12th overall pick on another roster spot. We have let these guys walk and its hurt us big time Imagine if we could have used our 12th Overall in 2007 on a DL, or a OL, and then in 2008 the 9th on a QB or another OL. You have to keep your studs and get rid of the subpar performers ( Kelsay, Ellis, McCargo, Ryan Denney ..etc) how do we keep Denney and get rid of Bannan how does that work and that my firends is why we changed our front office. (Numerous Times). The problem is over the last 10 years we have had 2 BAD drafts and 8 pretty decent drafts so why are we struggling so bad its because good teams dont let thier Studs go. Have you seen the Ravens let go of Terrel Suggs, Have you seen the Patriots get rid of Logan Mankins or the Cowboys get rid of Demarcus Ware, no because these guys are STUDS and they gave these guys huge money to stay even though at the time they didnt really have the Money. These teams didnt offer Andy Katzenmoyer 10 mill over 5 years to put up 30 tackles a year ( comparing to Kelsay) This is the Bills problem they need to be more cut throat and get rid of the garbage and keep the Studs.

Thanks for your time.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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