A look at the Bigger Picture.....

 When you look at the AFC as a whole. How many teams really got better?

The Ravens - 100% - No arguement there at all when you add Anquan Boldin and don't lose anyone form your starting roster and then have the draft that they had this is definatly a better football team and we are playing the AFC North this year so this is a tough one for us.

The Bengals - 50% - I guess its hard to say i really don't think Pacman is really that great of a football player he has struggled ever since he was on WWE, Gibril Wilson was released by the Dolphins so really is he an upgreade? hard to say. Carson Palmer was off and on last year and I think they just surprised some teams. I didn't really pay attention to their draft so to give an opinion is not far.

The Raiders - 100% - No Arguement again this is a team that added a new starting QB, had a solid draft, made some decnt trades to open up some positions for thier draft picks, they play a hard nosed game and it will be interesting to see the Raiders this year and how they do.

The Chiefs - 50% - Pretty solid draft to help out a roster with alot of holes, We see the Chiefs this year so this is kinda bummy that they improved a roster that was in need of help. But no significant signings or definte upgrades other then draft picks.

The Colts - The only reason i put the colts on here is because no matter what when you have Peyton Manning you going to be a great football team and it's a shame the Bills dont have a Peyton Manning.

The rest of this division either stood pat or got worse if you look at the Titans they lost some good starters and really could't afford to lose those guys, the Jags well i will let the draft experts explain the Jags for ya and who know maybe the so called experts are horribly wrong and all 7 picks for the Jags become superstars (highly unlikely but still) the Texans didn't really do anything significant either but they have quite possibly the best reciever in the game today in Johnson and he is always a threat on the football field, Thank god we dont see the Texans this year.

The rest of the AFC didn't really do much the Browns made alot of moves but I dont really feel Jake Delhomme is a significant upgrade from Derek Anderson, and I am still very skeptical about their defense. The Chargers lost some talent but again didnt get significantly better or worse kinda stayed pat as to what they were last year, they did lose their starting Nose which could hurt them against the run, The Bronco's braught in two unproven QB's to help coincide with thier own starter Kyle Orton (who in my mind had a hell of a year last year) what kinda message is that sending and they lost one of the best recievers in the NFL (when his head is on straight) so in my mind they got worse and they lost one of the best D.C in the league in Mike Nolan. The Steelers definatly didnt get better not much more needs to be said on the front.

A look at our own:

The Jets - 50% - I for one am not a fan of all the moves the Jets made and how much Rex Ryan talks, I think the Jets are overhyping themselves let alone the media overhyping them. the added a solid corner when hes playing at his best in Cromartie, but who knows if your going to get that, Santonio is suspended for 4 so how long is it going to take him to get into game shape, they released Faneca in favour of a rookie (not to mention his best friend is thier all star centre, cant imagine he's to pleased), the braught in Tomlinson on the verge of retirement, so addition by subtraction doesnt necessarily make you better. And Sanchez really isnt a proven QB he's on the same page as Edwards in my mind.

The Dolphins - 100% - I would love to deny it but they added one hell of a D.C, added a great WR and didnt really lose anyone except there Nose for the first 8 games other then that, well they did lose Porter but how effective was he last year is the question that needs to be asked. the Dolphins definatly got better.

The Patriots - Same as the Colts, as long as Tom Brady is your QB you will always have a good offense they are rebuilding a defense that wasnt all that good last year and with some younger guys getting some PT they might be a little more agressive to cover up some defecienies but they will always have a contender as long as Brady and Belicheck have something to do about it.

We see The Jets twice, the Dolphins twice, The Patriots twice, The Bengals, The Ravens and The Chiefs, The NFC North, where The Lions and The Bears got better The Vikes its hard to say and Teh Packers who stayed pat.

Along with game against the Jags, the Browns, The Steelers

So we play 11 games against teams that got better

4 games against teams that got worse

and 1 game against a team that stayed very close to what they were last year

of the 11 games, 3 of those game the teams got significantly better, 8 against teams that got a little better ( in my opinion)

Outlook Pretty good considering we got about 50% better adding two starters not subtracting any and having a pretty solid draft.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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