Lots of competition at camp in 2010...

The Bills will have lots of competition at camp in 2010…


As the Bills get ready to open their rookie and free agent camp one thing is evident the Bills upper management has been turning over every possible stone looking for talent. Not to say they didn’t in the past 10 years but some how what they are doing now seems to have a purpose and just seems different to me (maybe it is my blind optimism). For example, they are converting to a 3-4 so they draft NT Troup at #2, and sign FA Harvey to compete with holdovers Kyle Williams and McCargo.


A synopsis by position:


QB—yes we all know that the Bills needed to upgrade, chances are standing pat is not the answer but drafting Levi Brown gives the new coaching staff a rookie starting QB to mold. Odd man out Brohm unless the Bills try to get Brown on the developmental squad.


RB—with Jackson now entrenched as the starter, Lynch must now prove himself to belong on the team the Bills went out and signed FA’s Mendenhall, Simpson & Ferguson. Don’t laugh Fast Freddy was a FA. The Bills then drafted CJ Spiller #1 and signed rookie Bell. RB promises to be a highly competitive position Odd man out Lynch who is tradable and might be needed by another team because of training camp injuries.


WR—Evans on one side but who will play slot and be the #2? Bills draft Easley in the 4th, sign FA Chad Jackson and rookies Roosevelt (UB player), Nelson and Jones to compete with holdovers Hardy, Johnson, Parrish and Huggins. No doubt the new Bills WR’s are getting bigger. Odd man out, has to be Parrish he regressed to the point of being a healthy inactive last year----good for him there is a new coaching staff---bad for him that there is a new coaching staff.


OL—the continue Achilles heel of the Bills offense!! Guards—Levitre is set and hopefully Wood recovers to play sometime this year. Holdovers Chambers & Gaddis what can you say but Ho-Hum. Future bodes well for draft picks Wang & Calloway to be able to contribute immediately. A couple of intriguing rookie FA signings with Mutcher and Howard. Tackles—To me Bell is a tease that will show flashes but will always be injured or never reach his so called potential and Green is stop gap for a year or 2. Back-ups include Chambers & Meredith (who may be suited for RT or a guard position), rookie Wang and a handful of camp fodder. The Bills will continue to scour the waiver wire looking for improvements. Center—I’m giving Hangartner a pass due to the constant turnover on the O-line last year, he was an improvement over Fowler/Preston and should be better with a stable line-up.


TE—OK, Nelson is the projected starter with Schouman, Stupar, Klopenstein and Matthews competing for the 2nd & 3rd spots… Hmmmmmmmm!


DL—as the Bills convert to the 3-4 that have to get bigger on the D-line. End position looks 3-4 ready with Stroud, Edwards and Johnson but lack of depth with only rookies Carrington, Croner & Coleman is a major concern. DT’s—K. Williams is a football player and after him the Bills have perennially underachieving oft-injured McCargo, Harvey, and rookie Troup. This position will be heavily watched in training camp as it is the key for the 3-4. 


LB’s---inside is set with Poz, Mitchell and Davis as rotational starters with rookies Moat and Wright competing for a spot---depth is an issue! Outside—lots of competition but lots of question marks starting with Maybin, he has to live up to expectations and show he can develop into an every down player. Can anyone picture Kelsay & Schobel as OLB’s, I know I can’t… Ellison, Harris, Ellis, Manalac and Duncan will compete with rookies Batten, Moats and Coleman quite a rag tag group. Some one has to step up but whom? Lots of bodies and surely more to come.


DB’s---overall best talent on the team. Bills have depth at the cornerback position with McGee, Drayton, McKelvin, Corner, Lankster, Sargeant and Harris. I won’t mention Youboty because he gets hurt tying his shoes. Safety position has depth and finally a playmaker in Byrd.


I’m sure the new coaching staff will turnover the roster as they search for the type of players that fit their system. It will be interesting to see how many from the Jauron regime make it and can contribute…

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