A Look at Chan....

Let me start by saying when the Buffalo Bills announced the hiring of Chan Gailey I slapped myself in the forehead and went doh Like Homer, but i'm coming around to like the hire and coming along fast.

Chan coached the Cowboys for 2 years 1998 and 1999, I took it further and looked into these seasons and came up with the following

His skilled position starters in 1998 were as follows: Thier record was 10-6 lost in the Wildcard to Arizona

QB: Troy Aikmen 7-4, Jason Garrett 3-2 ( He won three games in a playoff race with Jason Garrett)

RB: Emmit Smith - Rushed for 1300 yds and 13 TD

WR: Michael Irvin - 1000 yds and 1 TD

WR: Billy Davis - 700 Yds and 3TD (WHO) hahaha

TE: Dan LeFleur - 200 yds and 2 TD

His offense finished with an overall of 9th in the league and had 3 no doubt Hall of Famers on his roster

His defense finished 3rd in the league with a very legitimate roster and they played a 4-3 Nickel D

Made the playoffs in a very tough 3 Divison NFC: Dallas 10-6, Arizona 9-7, San Fran 12-4, Atlanta 14-2,  Minnesota 15-1, Green Bay 11-5.

His skilled postion starter in 1999 were as follows: Thier record was 8-8 lost in wildcard to Minnesota

QB: Troy Aikmen 8-8

RB: Emmit Smith - 1400 yds 11 TD

WR: Raghib Ismail - 1000 Yds 6 TD

WR: Ernie Mills - 300 Yds 0 TD

TE: Dan FeFleur - 300 Yds 7 TD

His offense finished 11th Overall with 2 no doubt hall of famers and Irvin only played 4 games this season

His Defense finished 5th in the league with a very legitmate roster and played a 4-3 Nickel D

Made The playoffs in an even tougher 3 Divison NFC: Redskins 10-6, Cowboys 8-8. Bucs 11-5, Vikings 10-6, Lions 8-8, Packers 8-8, Rams 13-3, Panthers 8-8

Other interesting facts: Carried 6 RB's on both teams, had 2 great offense lines in both years anchored by hall of famer Larry Allen,and a young Flozell Adams on the blindside, had a turnover difference in both years of +11 and     +10, Ismail had his best year as a professional in 1999 under Gailey, dealt with significant injuries to Irvin and Aikmen in both years, got solid production from virtually unknown recievers and had very high ranking defenses and offenses.

Summary: The 1999 Cowboys roster is very similar to the Bills Speedy #1 reciever in Ismail and Evans, Solid Running game Emmit and Jackson/Lynch (wont include Spiller cause who knows), what looks to be a solid defense with a great secondary Sanders, Woodson, Kevin Smith, Great return men on special teams Sander and Ismail, Parrish/Spiller/Jackson/McGee/McKelvin

Only MAJOR difference he had Aikmen then and Trent/Fitz/Brohm/Brown Now.

GImme your thoughts.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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