A Little Bit of A Prediction

I'm going to go out on a little bit of a lim here and make some predictions based on what I believe will happen in the coming year.

In pre-season I see Brian Brohm giving Trent a little bit of a scare for the starting job, only because I see him getting more reps then any other Bills QB, but Chan will stick with his guns and Trent will win the starting job and Ryan Fitz gets cut at week 6 for the trading deadline.

Eric Wood will move over to centre, because Chan will become tired of Geoff Hangarntners inability to run block inside and our 7th round pick Kyle Calloway will move to right guard. and our run game will start to gather some momentum.

Shawn Nelson, will start the season as our TE but after week 4 Chan sees that Ol' Dirty Shawn is a better receiver then he is TE and he moves him to the slot for some much needed size over the middle and Shawn puts up around 56 catches, for 562 yards and 7 TD's.

Marcus Easley has a brilliant first couple of games but gets hurt on a hard hit from Jim Leonard in week 4 and his season ends but in those first 3 games he puts up 157 yards and 2 TD's.

Marshawn Lynch, Freddy J and CJ Spiller get off to a real slow start because teams are stacking up against the run thinking we cant pass and by week 6 we prove the league wrong and our 3 headed monster really gets the hang of the wildcat and Freddy starts throwing a little bit. by week 10 we are tied for 12th in the league in rushing and by week 17 we have moved all the way up to 7th. with Freddy leading in all purpose yards but Marshawn leading with the most rushing yards with 700, Freddy with 450 and CJ with a productive 400

Lee Evans again gets shadowed by all the best corners and help over the top from the safety and has himself another tough year. But ends up with 6 TD's and about 600 yards recieving, without the help of another WR on the other side Lee starts to get angry.

Our Defense completly pulls a 180 and our Corners struggle with tough man on man and we start to fall far behind against the pass falling to 22nd in the league. While our rush D with the help of Dwan Edwards moves all the way up to 6th against the run and we actually look like we have a solid D.

Aaron Maybin shows the world why we choose him so high and records a Bills Record 17 sacks but the next closest Bill is Kyle Williams with 5. and we finish tied for 18th in the league in sacks.

Terrance McGee gets hurt in week 8 and it really hurts the Pass D.

Jairus Byrd pulls a disapering act until week 7 then out of nowhere records a 3 INT game and then  turns it around and ends up with 7 INTS for the year tied with Drayton Florence for team lead and Leodis McKelvin trails with 5 INTs.

All the Donte Whitner haters out there are not so quick to throw Donte under the bus when he has a career year with 80 tackles a full bill of health and some forced fumbles coming into the pile late. Donte makes the Pro Bowl as a second SS and all the haters turn into lovers.

Geroge Wilson shows he was a one year wonder in the season of injury in 2009 and really struggles grasping the new 3-4. and goes back to being a special teams stallwart.

Paully P finally has a full year while leading the team in tackles with 142 and is close to a pro bowl selection but gets beat out by Bart Scott and Ray Lewis but gets honorable mention and is called to the Pro Bowl when Ray Lewis declines.  

And Finally our record is 8-8, we fail to make the playoffs but only because we lose a tight week 15 game against the Dolphins to get eliminated from playoff contention.

Let me know what ya think.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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