Well I was reading Guephi Post on the numerous Offensive formations he sees the Bills running in 2010 it dawned on me that unlike a lot of NFL teams, The Buffalo Bills have alot of Options on the offensive end in terms of playing players all over the field. Let me Explain.

Not to many teams have the option to play 3 RB on the field at the same time. While the Bills could play Marshwan at the tail back and Freddy and CJ in the opposite slots.

Not to many teams can line up 5 Wr and still keep Rb's on the field. Examples of this would be Lee,Hardy, Stevy Johnson, Cj Spiller and Easely or Jackson.

Not to many team can throw 3 guys on the field that run a 40 yard dash in record breaking time Lee Evans, Cj Spiller and Roscoe Parrish at the same time.

Not to many teams can run the Wildcat with a proven thrower taking the snap in Fred Jackson while still maintaining a 3Rb system.

Not to many teams can play an entire game without taking a proven runner off the field.

My point is everyone will be raving about how good of a system Chan brought in if the Bills offense is successful but I don't think anyone will be talking about the heat the Bills took for drafting Spiller 9th Overall. The fact is Spiller brings something to this team we have never had and that's endless options.

This is a kid who can catch the ball extremley well outta the backfield and is accustom to having the ball in his hands and is almost guaranteed to make an impact from day 1.

So good on Buddy Nix for taking a player that he knew he would take heat for but he knows can take this offense to another level and just one more how many teams for ya.

How many teams can throw 3 Full fledge punt returners on the field at the same time, Freddie Jackson, Roscoe Parrish and Cj Spiller

The elusivness alone of this group of athletes is actually ridiculous.

I will say this though, the toughness of this offense actually scares me, we are very pretty and fast but we really dont have a WR that will go up get smacked and come down with the ball, we dont have a guy that you can run on 3rd and 1 and be guaranteed a 1st Marshwan is tough but he is not a bruiser by any means we dont have that offensive line that pushes the opposing defense back 5 yards after the snap we are pretty and quick and I can see doctor Chan drawing up some tricky ricky motion plays to utilize that speed but if he cant we could be in real trouble.

Just to keep everything on an even Keel,

But dont get me wrong I have nothing but faith in this new group of players and have tremendous excitment heading into the season.

Thanks for your time

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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