Final Roster Prediction

Okay, so I have been getting a little bored with nothing really going on now in football, except some OTA's and training camp ahead.  So I figured I would make my prediction about the final 53 man roster and who I think will be on it.  I'll try to explain some of the decisions as best I can.  The obvious ones, clearly won't need explaining.  Let the criticisms begin!!


Quarterback- Trent Edwards (Starter), Ryan Fitzpatrick, Levi Brown. 

I am sorry for all of you Brohm fans out there.  I would absolutely LOVE to see him prove me wrong and come out and shine in training camp and preseason, but I just don't see it happening.  I think Edwards will win the starting job and Fitz is the reliable backup that he has been his entire career, with Levi taking the 3rd string.

Runningback- Fred Jackson, C.J. Spiller, Marshawn Lynch, Corey McIntyre

The three headed monster of Jackson, Lynch, and Spiller, should be enough for the runningbacks that make the roster.  Plus of course a fullback in McIntyre if we are going to be a run heavy team like Gailey says we are going to be.

Wide Receiver- Lee Evans, James Hardy, Steve Johnson, Roscoe Parrish, Marcus Easley, Felton Huggins.

Receiver was not a very easy position to figure out.  Evans, Hardy, Johnson, Easley, and Parrish are all locks to make the team.  The difficult thing was the final spot.  As much as i would like Roosevelt to go there I think he will end up on the practice squad and Huggins will beat out Chad Jackson for the final receiving spot.  Huggins does have some talent and can contribute on special teams.  i don't know how many opportunities he will get as the 6th receiver but I think Gailey will keep him on an use him occasionally.

Tight End- Shawn Nelson, Jonathan Stupar, Michael Matthews.

This was difficult for me because Derek Schouman is one of my favorite Bills, I loved him in college and I was so happy when the Bills signed him.  But I tried to remain unbiased here, i think his injury problems and a lack of size will keep him from making the team.  Nelson and Stupar can catch, while Stupar can block pretty well, and Matthews is a big blocking tight end from Georgia Tech, is tough to see Gailey not take him.

Offensive Tackle- Jamon Meredith, Demetrius Bell, Ed Wang, Cornell Green, Kirk Chambers

These guys are all pretty much locks to make the team in my opinion, Chambers can play every position so I could have listed him at guard too.  I will predict however, that Meredith is the opening day starting left tackle over Bell, and not just because Bell is coming back from an injury.

Offensive Guard- Eric Wood, Andy Levitre, Kyle Calloway

This is an obvious one, Wood and Levitre are two bright young spots on our line and hopefully Wood can come back healthy and be ready for opening day so these two can each have another good season, hopefully even better than last.

Center- Geoff Hangartner

Don't really need to explain this, he is the only center on the roster with any experience and that isn't a long shot rookie.  Although maybe Wood will move here eventually.


Defensive End- Marcus Stroud, Alex Carrington, Dwan Edwards, Spencer Johnson

Nobody should be too surprised about this list.  McCargo finally out of Buffalo after little to no production.  I don't know where he would fit in this defense... to be honest I'm not sure where he fit in our last defense either.  But these four are locks to not only make the team, but from the looks of it, be a pretty good rotation of ends that I have to say I am excited about.

Defensive Tackle- Kyle Williams, Torell Troup.

These two are obvious to make it and both see serious time at Nose Tackle.  Lonnie Harvey is an interesting candidate, if Schobel retires I see it being between him and Chris Ellis for the final spot, I think Ellis will take the final spot but it could go either way.

Outside Linebacker- Aaron Schobel (If he doesn't retire), Aaron Maybin, Chris Kelsay, Danny Batten, Antonio Coleman.  (If Schobel retires, Chris Ellis)

This is where it gets tricky, Schobel (If he doesn't retire), Maybin, and Kelsay are locks, Batten I figure will make it because he was drafted for this position.  Coleman is the surprise candidate.  Not to make the team, but to actually get some playing time this year and have some impact.  I don't know how this guy flew under the radar so much but to lead the top college conference (SEC) in sacks is pretty impressive.  And I have to say that he will be on the team and get some sacks this year.  Chris Ellis I don't have making the team, however, if Schobel retires I have him beating out Lonnie Harvey for the final spot.  I think LOLB will be a good fit for Ellis, and seeing how Kelsay is the only other LOLB we have, I give Ellis the spot over Harvey, it is very close though it could really go either way.

Inside Linebacker- Paul Posluszny, Andra Davis, Kawika Mitchell, Arthur Moats.

Once again, no surprises, three experienced players and a rookie who is changing positions.  Moats I don't see having a problem changing positions especially with these guys and our new coordinator helping him out.  He has all the physical tools to play inside in our defense.

Cornerback- Terrence Mcgee, Leodis McKelvin, Drayton Florence, Reggie Corner, Ashton Youboty, Lydell Sargeant

Yes, you see correctly, Ashton Youboty on the final roster.  He has shown that when healthy he can be a good player.  With the new strength and conditioning coaches I see Youboty actually making it through camp and preseason healthy and playing well.  I can also see him beating out Corner for the number 4 spot possibly.  As for Sargeant, it was between him and Ellis Lankster, but Sargeant wins it because of his size i think.  With the receivers in our division it is good to have size and skill at the corner position.

Safety- Jairus Byrd, Donte Whitner, George WIlson, Bryan Scott.

Doesn't need explaining.  Maybe our most talented position on the team.

Special Teams-  Doesn't need any explaining

Kicker- Ryan Lindell

Punter- Brian Moorman

Long Snapper- Garrison Sanborn


There you have it.  My 2010 Buffalo Bills 53 man roster prediction.  This is all just my opinion of what Gailey will do.  I tried to remain as unbiased as possible in making these choices but this is just my guess based on what I think I know about Gailey and the players that are going into training camp.  Please let me know what you think of it.

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