The Good Ol Days

Let me start off first by stating that i am an avid Bills fan and have been for years just like alot of people that are apart of BR. That being said I present the following:

It seems to me at least that there is this presumption that we some how got worse as this year has progressed.

The adding of significant veterans to our now healthy defense to go along with some solid draft picks to help out the explosiveness of our offense it seems to me like this is a winning formula.

We now have at least 2 quality players at some of the most important positions on a football field:

RB: Fred Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, CJ Spiller

MLB: Paul Poszlusny, Kawika Mitchell, Andra Davis

Safety: Jairus Byrd, Donte Whitner

DE: Marcus Stroud, Dwan Edwards, Alex Carrington

CB: Terrance McGee, Leodis Mckelvin, Drayton Florence

Now where this is the strength of our team people may say nice list but there isnt a QB or a LT on that list well if you have been following what Buddy is doing he is creating competition where the competition needs to be had:

QB: Trent vs Ryan vs Brian may the best QB win

LT: Bell vs Wang vs Meredith vs UDFA's may the best LT win

C: Hangartner vs UDFA's may the best centre win

my point is if you have these guys striving to be the best in camp then what are you gunna get when the season starts your going to have a guy playing his best football he has polayed in his life because thats what he has to do to win the job.

We all would love it if Buddy Nix went out and spent like Mike Tennenbaum of the Jets but lets face it and be real with ourselves The Bills dont roll like that they dont go out and spend big money on big name players, I thought last year might have changed that being as Terrel Owens kinda worked out  but it didnt and it looks as if its never gunna change but what Buddy is doing with this franchise is commendable . Using his scouting backround to bring in 15 UDFA's relying on what has employed him for the last 20 years  scouting. And showing that he does not care what the media thinks because honestly they dont know football or they would have a job somewhere.  

Now the spots I didnt address above like WR, and OLB and G are the spots Buddy is trying to create that same competition. he signed two WR UDFA's plus he drafted Easley and signed Jackson

He signed two OLB UFA's and drafted Batten

He signed one UDFA that is a traditional guard drafted Calloway, and signed two centres that could easily play guard.

Buddy has these guys worried aabout being employed let alone playing in the NFL he has created a sense of urgency for these guys and why shouldnt they have a sense of urgency, this team needs to win.

I will leave with this, In the gold old days when Buddy was young, you didnt make it to the NFL by looking good in a suit you made it by playing tough rugged football and making things happen. Lets hope that mentality sticks with the Bills for years to come.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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