Im Ok with it...

the bills off season and the terrible season that will follow that is...

first we signed Andra Davis who knows the 3-4 system and will be a run stopping linebacker like he has his entire career. Then there's Cornell Green who may not know the snap count but is a servicable RT for a year, i dont see him being any long term solution but for a team in need of offensive line depth, he's not a bad pickup. I really like Dwan Edwards and as long as he dont break his neck he should significantly upgrade our DE position in the 3-4.

Now we didnt go out and sign any big name free agents, there were no Bryce Paup's, no TO's, no Ted Washington's... but really should we have... i dont think so. We are a young team that wont go anywhere this year. Why sign a free agent (when most every free agent this year was aged) who wont be around once this "revival" is in full swing.

Now the Draft...

CJ Spiller, will help our QBs more than anyone else available would have. He can be dynamic in the NFL and with support carrying the ball in Jackson and Lynch he will be still be alive in a couple of years when this "revival" should be ready to take place.

Troup... i liked him, not as much as Cody but i do like that we addressed the NT position in the 2nd rd. If he truly is a 3 down NT then he was a great pick. If he needs to rotate with a pass rusher at NT then we should have gotten Cody but either way i like the idea of the pick.

Carrington... Ive seen him play in college. Ive seen tape of him, and i like it. He's tough, hard nosed and dont give up. A high motor guy if you like, and above that has a chance to be an immediate starter in our DL. He should start for the Bills for years to come.

With the rest of our picks the bills addressed holes and needs that wont immediately help us this year, nor are they the end all to the problem at their postition but each one should create competition and help our depth and progress through this difficult year we are approaching.

Dont get me wrong, there is a chance the Bills could be the Cinderella team this year but that chance is so small... i expect a 3-13 season. But i am ok with that... as long as the young Bills like Spiller, McElvin, Bell, Wood, Levtre, Maybin, Byrd and Hardy improve and gain experience then next year we add two players via free agency that address our depth and needs like we did this year and address our QB of the future (unless Brohm shows us why he was the man in college this year) in the draft. We have a good nucleus to build upon... and a losing season played with this group could mean success in the years to follow. So yes im Ok with the Bills offseason and the amount of losses we will live through this year.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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