Bills offseason and other random thoughts

Been a while since I've been able to spend a lot of times on Rumblings other than just perusing the site during my lunch.  So, here's what has been going on in my least the thoughts fit to print :)

1.  People who disagree with the Bills draft do not feel we know more about football than Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey.  I just disagree.  I didn’t think I knew more about football than Donahue, Levy, or Jauron.  Does that mean they were right and I’m supposed to agree with them?  (For the record, I would probably be worse at their job than they were, but I’d sure like to try!)

2.  Nix and Co. may have a plan.  That doesn’t mean it’s a good one, it doesn’t mean I have to agree.  We will see, but I think after the last decade I’m allowed to be skeptical.  Calling me (and others who agree with me) a whiner is a little much (and not really fitting with the usual tone of this site).  Also, if the Bills trade for Gaither, it doesn't mean that I was wrong about their draft, it just means that they addressed a need that they didn't address in the draft (and I would be a huge fan of the move).  By the way, you know when we’ll be sure there is a plan…..after next offseason.  This team always has an offseason plan.  Unfortunately, their plans last for 6 months and then next offseason, it seems like an entirely different plan.

3.  It’s been way too long since this team has actually been good.  Many of you are arguing that we have to be patient and that to do this the right way, its going to take years.  This argument is logical and, more than likely, correct.  The problem, though is, a thought in the back of my head is "IT’S BEEN 10 YEARS!!!!  FIX IT!!"  Every once in a while it just comes out.  I hope Nix is right.  He seems to be doing it the right way.  I just can’t bring myself to completely trust this team.  Also, I don’t like the fact that every 3 years they fire the GM and coach and get to press the reset button.  And, if other teams turn it around in 1 or 2 years, why can’t the Bills.

4.  If the Bills trade for Gaither, my offseason grade goes up from a C+ to a B+.  The lack of a QB and pass rushers still worry me, but as the logical posters I reference above say, "you can’t fix all of the problems in one offseason.".

5.  Anyone else very concerned about the lack of interior O-line depth again (if we trade for Gaither, I’m OK w/ the tackle position)?  It seems as though every year we are OK with the starters, but then an injury or two makes makes our line really bad.

6.  I’m sorry, I have to say it again.  Decide already Schobel!  If you can’t decide by the mandatory activities, then just stay home.  A new defense and a player with one foot out the door?  No thanks.

7.  At this point, I want the Bills to keep Lynch.  They won’t get anything for him, except maybe one good year to increase his value and get himself out of town.  Something seems appealing about the three-headed monster of Jackson, Spiller and Lynch.  Who is the short-yardage back?

8.  Does it seem to anyone else that the Bills are pinning their hopes that Maybin is the pass rusher he was drafted to be?  That concerns me, but it will be great to see him get a shot.

9.  WARNING…RANDOM SABRES THOUGHT:  For my own sanity, the Sabres need to get rid of two of the following:  Roy, Stafford, Pominville, Connolly.  They can’t sell that next year will be different if they don’t do that.

10.  I think Kelsay might be a vampire.  I’m just sayin’…..

11.  I am getting tired of twitter.  It seems that no Bills players who actually play well are on it, so it drives me crazy. 

12.  I feel bad for Kyle Williams.  One of the hardest workers on the team and we may not find a place for him other than to "find a way to get him on the field".  Hopefully he excels b/c I’d hate to lose him next offseason, but I have a feeling that by the end of the season, he won’t be playing all that much…once again, hope I am wrong.

13.  Is it weird that Parrish is still on this team, or is another coaching staff being hypnotized by the thought that THEY will be able to find a creative way to use him?  Or, just training camp depth?

14.  I’ve loaded all the available seasons of Lost onto my Netflix instant player.  The level of interest by some on this site has made me curious.  So, there goes my free time.

15.  I’m watching season one of the West Wing right now and man……that was a good show, but I’m a politics nerd so….

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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