Paully's Mind Dump pt 1

We have all gone out of our way to talk and speculate on how we think we know what Mr. Buddy Nix is doing with "our" football team.

We have all gone out of our way to make roster predictions.

We have all gone out of our way to speculate on this teams overall record.

The one thing I have not really had my chance to really share my opinion on is how much I truly appraciate this site.

We all sit on this website and share our opinions on this football team and for a guy who has no buddies who like the Bills at all its amazing.

I can talk about Arthur Moats and everyone on this site knows who he is. I bring up Danny Batten and everyone I know i goes who????

So Thank you Brian, Thank you Jeff  WInters, and all the other member that make this site possible I am forever greatful that I now can express my feelings about the Bills and know that i will at least get 1 comment.

On to the mid dump.

I am extremley excitied to think that we might actually be able to put together  a 300 yd passing game, we might actually put together consecutive under 100 yd rushing against games, we might actually get to the red zone 2 or 3 times in 1 game, we might only see rian lindell on the field for kick offs and extra points.

If you are a true Bills fan you know exactly what I am talking about. So many times have I sat down on a sunday Beer fridge stacked , Chicken fingers or wings in the oven, rocking my Paully p jersey so excitied to the point im sweating only to see our team struggle to move the ball struggle to put consecutive drives together, satruggle to hold teams to 3 and outs. It gets to the point where your up cheering just because we got a first down.

Well im sick of this Im sick and tired of loving a team so much only for this team to dissapoint.. To be honest in 2008 I thought this was changing we started out so well I still remember watching that game against Jacksonville where we looked like an actual contender, sacking David Garrard 6 or 7 times in one game, holding Maurice Jones - Drew to under 70 yds and winning the game in the 4th quarter. I thought we had it figured out, well I dont need to go any further to tell you how that season turned out, and last year I dont know how we managed to win 6 games honestly, the Jets handed us a win and we took it, we earned that game against the Dolphins but we faught and faught only to crumble in the 4th quarter against so many teams.

The Bills are changing, I can feel it I can sense it, all the league is thinking this is a last place team, all the so called experts have us finishing in last place and having the first overall pick, well I say piss on that, I will sit here and tell everyone and guarantee that this team will not be last place, this team might not make the playoffs but it will not finish last place.

We have done everything right, hired and offensive coach, hired a great player evaluater, had a great draft regardless of what the experts say this was a great draft, have added and not subtracted we have over 80 players in the mix right now to put together the most competive team this city has seen in 10 years.

Maybe you feel the same maybe you dont but Im not afraid to say that this team will surprise the so called experts and win some games we are " supposed ; to lose and come to the right side of some close games.


and 1 last thing, may the best man win at every last position on this team from punter all the way to QB. If that happens our team will be stronger because of it.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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