Schobel's Gone... OK

This is not to detract at all from the wonderful career he has had or the impressive contribution he has made to this team. That said:

Maybe it's because I've never expected Schobel to come back ever since I heard he was debating it, but I'm not really upset by this.

Keeping in mind that there are likely going to be around 9 roster spots for Linebackers, well, even without him, thats 6 guys right there. 

The ILB's I think are stickin around are Davis, Posluszny, Mitchell, and Moats, that leaves 5 spots for OLB's.  (I really cant see any of those 4 not making the team, barring an awful training camp from Mitchell)

Well considering Kelsay and Maybin are absolute LOCKS to be here come September, that leaves Torbor, Coleman, Batten, and Ellis fighting for 3 spots, not to mention Ellison, Harris, Manalac etc...  This makes me think Ellis is the odd man out. And this is with Schobel leaving.

If Schobel sticks around, that means that one more of those 4 has to leave, and I for one don't want a single one off the roster.  Torbor brings a knowledge of the system and inside/outside depth, Batten is also probably a lock due to draft position and is one of the players I'm really excited to watch this year, and Coleman MAY be the most gifted young pass rusher we've got if he can turn his college production into pro success. 

Coleman is clearly the odd-man out here, and that would be extremely unfortunate, because he is considered one of the Bills' UDFA steals and I would not be the least bit surprised to see him snapped up off the PS by a team with pass rush injurys mid-season.

I just dont think the young potential in this group should be risked for another year from an aging guy who may or may not perform due to a position shift.  Don't get me wrong, I think he would perform, but this team isn't winning the Super Bowl next year folks, and Schobel is not the future of the Bills pass rush.  The Bills need players to develop in their system and form a core for the future contention years that are so often talked about on here.

This is very much a Terrell Owens situation people, he was let go, despite reasonably good behavior and solid, while not stellar, production, because hes old and younger guys need to step up.  So, Thank You Aaron, you've been the epitome of what NFL players should be: Productive, Humble, and Respectful, and best wishes for your future endeavors, but respectfully I think its time for the young guys to shine.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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