Hope is still alive in Western New York

Every year at the end of the season every fan from any team hopes for the next year to bring better times (except if your team won the Superbowl and then you hope for a repeat). Every bills fan has felt the dissappointment and hard times season in and season out.  It has been a long drought for fans, no playoffs, haven't beaten the Pats in many meetings, and a conference that seems to get stronger every year.

After reading many offseason reviews and polls it looks like it is going to be another one of those years.  Yes, that mean 11 seasons of no playoffs.  It is tough to think that a team you devote every Sunday can't give you one playoff season.  However, I still billieve that there is hope dispite all the reviews.  Here are somethings that make me still BILLIEVE

Season Ends:

The season ended and Buffalo decided to revamp everything.  Nix got hired as the new GM, a guy that has a lot of experience of bringing in talent (lets hope) and decided to bring in Gailey.  Everybody had hopes of Buffalo landing a great head coach however we landed Gailey.  Gailey  coming from college scared me at first but after his few moves he has done I am warming up to the idea.  Gailey brings in George Edwards a linebacker coach who knows the 3-4 (Great pick up he knows the Fins and can help out with the switch to the 3-4).  Gailey decided to switch to free weights, and remove all the TV's in the weight room.  I believe this was a great move free weights will hopefully help up with the injury problem we have been having.  Next, Nix and him both won't let Lynch out easy.  Also, the players seem to like Gailey and hopefully that carries over for a few seasons. 

Free Agents:

There was some big free agents out there this year.  But with the addition of Edwards and Davis I would like to say great pick ups.  Our D improved big in the run game with these two additions.  Edwards and Davis know the 3-4 which helps even more.  Edwards comes from a D that i really like the Ravens that team has some attitude and it is time Buffalo starts getting a little more of that.  Davis is a ILB that will help Poz and the other linebackers with a transition that can be tough.


The pick of C.J. Spiller I think was a great choice.  Sure an LT would have been better but NIx knows talent and brings talent in.  Spiller can be many things kick returner, punt returner, slot receiver, and rb.  Come on that's a lot of one guy, and him and jackson I think are a great duo.  Troup could have waited till 3rd round but still DT was a big position we needed, so I stand by it.  Carrington was a great pick I think he will be a big force in a year or two.  Throughout the draft we focused on the 3-4 D and I think that was the best idea.  Build a D that is stronger because lets face it our D was the strongest point of the team.

Competition & OTA's:

Gailey and Nix both like the idea of competition and why not, it makes players better.  There are few areas of this team that people need to watch with this competition QB, WR.  These to positions have many guys trying to fight for a position that is going to be tough.  OTA's are tough for fans you like to see plays but you don't like to see the WR break one deep or a QB throw a pick.  But from what I saw the guys are really looking ok in a new system on both sides of the ball.  I really haven't seen good angles or all the bad clips but from what I saw I think there are still good times ahead.


Buffalo seems to facing an uphill battle that many critics don't like however no one ever likes change.  The critics don't play on sundays or practice all week.  From my eyes I see a lot of good times ahead this year.  This is a team that could upset a few teams and who knows make a playoff berth.  It's hard to envision being so long since we have seen it.  But until I see this team roll over and give up I still have the hope and the fire to want to watch Bills football every sunday.  So when it is all said and done don't listen to the critics, don't listen to other fans.  Hope is still alive in Buffalo, NY.  One last note Buffalo is the only true NY team lets face it the other two teams play in NJ haha.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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