Thoughts on the importance of round selection

I've heard it said by some that it is imperative to draft a QB first round.  While I will agree with a statement that Brian loves to make all the time, that QB is the most important possition, I was curious if teams were able to succeed without that first round superstar like Peyton Manning and JaMarcus Russell.  I would argue that we need a franchise quarterback but when to get him?  The question is, can a team succeed with a non-first round draft pick at quarterback?  To me (and I assume to most) the most obvious standard of success would be taking your team to the superbowl.  I endeavored to do a little bit of research I found some interesting results.  After the jump I'll go through the superbowl quarterbacks who were NOT first round draft picks.  I'll be listing the year they made the superbowl, team they played for, and round they were drafted in.  Repeats will have just the name.  There can't be that many right? ;-)

1967-Bart Starr, GB (round 17)

1968-Bart Starr again plus Daryle Lamonica, OAK (round 24)

1969 Johnny Unitas, BAL (round 9)

1970 Joe Kapp, MIN (round 18)

1972 Roger Staubach, DAL (round 10)

1974 Fran Tarkenton, MIN (round 3)

1976 Roger Staubach again

1977 Ken Stabler, OAK (round 2) and Fran Tarkenton again

1978 Roger Staubach again

1980 Vince Ferragamo, LAR (round 4)

1981 Ron Jawarski, PHI (round 2)

1982 Joe Montana, SF (round 3) and Ken Anderson, CIN (round 3)

1983 Joe Theisman, WAS (round 4) and David Woodley, MIA (round 8)

1984 Joe Theismann again

1985 Joe Montana again

1986 Steve Grogan, NE (round 5)

1989 Joe Montana again and Boomer Esiason, CIN (round 2)

1990 Joe Montana again

1991 Jeff Hostetler, NYG (round 3)

1992 Mark Rypien, WAS (round 6)

1995 Stan Humphreys, SD (round 6)

1996 Neil O'Donnell, PIT (round 3)

1997 Brett Favre, GB (round 2)

1998 Brett Favre again

1999 Chris Chandler, ATL (round 3)

2000 Kurt Warner, STL (undrafted free agent)

2002 Tom Brady, NE (round 6) and Kurt Warner again

2003 Brad Johnson, TB (round 9) and Rich Gannon, OAK (round 4)

2004 Tom Brady again and Jake Delhomme, CAR (undrafted free agent)

2005 Tom Brady again

2006 Matt Hasselbeck, SEA (round 6)

2008 Tom Brady again

2009 Drew Brees, NO (round 2)

What I see is that in almost every year since the superbowls began there has been a non-first round draft pick at quarterback leading their team to the big game (including two non-drafted free agents for heavens sake!).  I did this mainly for my own personal edification but since I found the results to be interesting I decided to share it with y'all (excuse the southern drawl).  What I'm curious about is whether everyone already knew this and still wants that really cool first round, can't miss quarterback *cough* Losman, sorry...meant Leaf...wait...ah forget it...  Personally, I don't care if Abayarde quarterbacks the team (which would be OUTSTANDING by the way!) as long as the person behind center is competent, confident, has guts, and can lead this team back to the superbowl.


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