A Dedicated Analysis

If there is any indication how good this can be it was 2008, we started 5-1 only to fall to 7-9 now the only big difference between 2008 and now is Jason Peters a pro Bowl LT.

If there is any reason to get excitied about this team it because of the possibilities we now have on the offense

If there is any reason to feel down about this group  its the transition to 3-4 that could be shaky and that we dont have a pro bowl QB our LT arguably the 2 most important positions on a football team (Brian).

Let me present the following:

2008 Stats:                                                                                2009 Stats:

35 Td's - 30 by the offense                                                    25 Td's - 23 by Offense

30 FG's - 8 inside the 30                                                       28 FG's - 12 inside the 30

40% 3rd down efficincy                                                         26% 3rd down effciency

24 Sacks allowed                                                                   32 Sacks Allowed

-8 Turnover Ratio                                                                    +10 Turnover Ratio

5.1 Yard per Play                                                                     4,8 Yards per Play

Chans Cowboys the 2 Years he was there:

1998 Stats:                                                                             1999 Stats:

42 TD's - 38 by Offense                                                        42 TD's - 36 by Offense

29 Fgs - 10 Inside the 30                                                     19 Fg's - 3 Inside the 30

37% 3rd Down Efficeincy                                                      35% 3rd Down Efficiency

34 Sacks Allowed                                                                   35 Sacks Allowed

+11 Turnover Ratio                                                                  +10 Turnover Ratio

5.5 Yards per Play                                                                    5.1 Yard per Play


If our 2009 stats dont make you want throw up then your stomach is much stronger then mine, if you can take 1 thing from these stats is its that we will score more points but give up more sacks, hmmmm is that a good thing or a bad thing I dont know, but Chans numbers seem very consistent decent 3rd down conversion %tage, good Turnover ratio, and doesnt like to kick the ball inside the 30. I didnt look at the defensive side because Perry Fewell did a solid job with all circumstances involved.

Some more Insight:

2009 Stats:                                                                                 2008 Stats:

4.4 Yards per Rush                                                                  4.2 Yards per Rush

28.11 Time of Possesion per Game                                    30.03 Time of Possesion Per Game

6.3 Yards per Pass                                                                  6.9 Yards Per Pass

1867 Total Rushing Yard for the Year                                 1842 Total Rushing Yards For The Year


1998 Stats:                                                                                 1999 Stats:

4.0 Yards per Rush                                                                  4.2 yards Per rush

31.50 Time of Possesion Per Game                                    32.00 Time of Possesion per game

7.5 Yards Per Pass                                                                   6.5 Yards Per Pass

2014 Total Rushing Yards for the Year                                 2051 Total Rushing for the year

As you can see Chans teams run the ball very effectivley and control the clock, now 2 min a game doesnt seem like much but in an actual game 2 minutes is a long time and when you look at our 2009 28.11 time of possession in comaprison to 32 Min thats a drastic difference. No doubt just by looking at the stats our offense will be better hopefullt theres is no dispute in that.

Our Red Zone offense will be better, our rushing attack will be better and our time of possesion will be better, thats what Chan will bring. Thats what Buddy Hired him for, Now if George Edwards can keep this defense on par with last years or possibly have them better we are looking a team thats gunna give alot of teams some problems.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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