Haven't Posted For A While: Due to World Cup


Well in the few weeks I have tried to not post anything to see if anything develops nothing really has happened we signed Marcus Easely and Trent has emerged as the favorite for the starting QB position but its still gunna be an equal share camp.

Its been good to hear from guys like Brian Brohm probably for the first time in his career, speaking up and saying yeah we have exactly the same amount of reps.

While I firmly believe that a competition for the starting job is the right thing to do, I do have one concern

My concern is that the only weakness that has really really plagued this team on offense in the past 3 to 4 years and maybe even more has been its inability to sustain drives and have continuity, and while these guys are sharing reps i think i would benefit Trent to have all the reps and continue to build relationships with these young recievers. He has gone on record and said he really thinks this is the best core of reciever Buffalo has had since hes been here  thats a positive but he really needs all the reps he can get.

Dropping Ryan Fitzpatrick right now i think would really benefit this team because not only does it give Brian and Trent more reps it also frees up some cap room for Buddy to do what he sees fit.

Now something else has happened since my last post and that was the Redskins getting Jamaal Brown from the saints for a conditional pick now I dont know the conditions but I would imagine if Brown makes a pro bowl or has a great year the most the Redskins would give up would be a 2nd and the worst they would give up would be a 4th, now I really feel this is a deal Buddy could have done, if a conditional is all we have to give up to get a somewhat elite LT then I say you do it regardless of what happens whats the best thing that happens Brown makes the pro bowl and you give up a 2nd, or the worst he gets outplayed by one of the guys we have on tyhe roster and we give up a 4th I dont get why Buddy didnt make this deal but at the same time he has done some very good things this offseason so I will not question his ability.

Something else I would like to give an opinion about has been Chans ability to address t5he media, Chan has shown some strong confidence almost arrogance toward the media and I like that, he is very strong in what he believes is roight for this team and he is standing by his word, he said he would have an open competition for QB and he has maintained that throughout this entire offseason, he said he wanted a waterbug back we get Spiller, I love his confidence this is something Dickky boy never had Dicky was almost embarassed to talk with the media and seemed weak at the podium where Chan demands respect and he is starting to get it.

And 1 last thing, John Clayton, I hope to god, you eat your words so bad and when Buffalo does not finish last in the League you better apoligize to all us Bills fans and John I want your email address so we can make a bet,

My bet to you John CLayton is That the Bills win more then 6 games this year and if you are out there and read this you set the amount we bet for. Idiot!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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