Beating the AFC East (Patriots)

Beating the AFC East (Patriots)

I would like to do a little segment on the AFC East and how each team can be beat.  Now I know this is my opinion on how to bet them.  So I want some fed back, and some ideas. 

The Patriots have been a complete mystery to Buffalo in the past few years.  This past season opener seemed like a day of glory as I watched Buffalo pick the Patriots apart, just to be defeated at the end once more.  Buffalo has had hard time with their neighbors of the North.  However, lets face it this team has been beaten by others so why can't Buffalo destroy the Patriots?  Well this season that drought is about to end!

Buffalo fired their offensive cooridnator right before the Patriots game this past season, and many had scary thoughts as the season opener approached.  However, one man stepped up Alex Van Pelt (aka Dough Boy).  Van Pelt, in my mind did several things right that night.  Going along with Alex and my own opinion here is the solution to defeat the New England Patriots.

1) The Rush (and the T.O.P)-

Anybody who is a football fan knows how important this is.  However, this becomes extremely important when facing Tom Brady and that pass happy offense.  In the first meeting the Pats killed us in T.O.P. however the second meeting Buffalo had the ball for 7 more mins. then the Pats.  Both games were very close this season and both times the T.O.P varied.  In the second meeting the Bills had 23 rushing attempts between Jackson and Lynch in the first meeting it was 17 attempts with Jackson and Edwards.  The key is that Buffalo needs to put the ball on the ground the most they can.  As long as we can pick up yards on the ground the clock is ticking and Brady and Moss and Welker aren't putting up numbers.  With Gailey being a running guy this could really help the Bills out.

2) The Screen-

We can't run the whole game so lets go to something else that seems to work against them.  Fred Jackson was the leading receiver in Game 1 of the season.  He had 5 rec. for 83 yds. and 1 TD.  Van Pelt came in with a great game plan that worked perfect.  Our line is very young and is able to move quickly, and all the RB's on our team can catch very well.  So when Van Pelt put this in during the first game it destroyed the Pats.  They couldn't stop it, our line got to the point of attack and Jackson did the rest.  This game plan worked very well against the Pats and I believe it will work again.  With the addition of Spiller that makes it even more dangerous.

3) The Secondary-

The Patriots have never been much for rushing the ball.  So what else is there to do pass the ball.  Brady and Moss are a threat to any team and then you add in Welker and now we know why they don't run.  But we are the Buffalo Bills right?  The only strength that I ever hear when critics talk about Buffalo is the secondary.  So why can't we stop that passing attack.  Moss seems to get the best of McGee time in and time out and Welker is slot receiver who can't be stopped on 3rd down.  Well it is time we do something about that.  With the switch to the 3-4 D there will be a lot more man coverage and less zone.  This can really help us out when it comes to stopping the attack.  We have all the threats in the secondary that a team needs.  Man coverage I believe is the best for us.  Taking away those quick passes that zone coverage can't stop.  If the secondary steps up, the Pats fall and I mean fall hard.  They don't have a great running game. 

When Buffalo runs the ball, uses the screen and has a secondary that steps up.  The Patriots will fall, I will bet money on this one.  Our running game has all the right components to be great this year and the secondary we already know is great.  Using the screen with Jackson, Spiller, and even Lynch will destroy the Pats.  And who knows maybe we get tricky and go for it on 4th down.....haha

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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