NFL Positional Ranking - Offense


  1. Peyton Manning - Colts
    Defines the position of QB.  Every aspect of the position.  Regardless of being 34 - he seams to be improving...

  2. Tom Brady - Patriots
    Still Mr. Clutch, although his dedication to the team his questionable.  Has all the tools one would look for in a franchise QB

  3. Drew Brees - Saints
    The Superbowl win secures Drew Brees as one of the best QBs of this era.  Search his statistics for the past three years.  Look what he has done with the Saints franchise.

  4. Aaron Rodgers - Packers
    Arguably the best young QB in the NFL.  He is simply remarkable and quite frankly will help Packers fans forget the Favre era.

  5. Phillip Rivers - Chargers
    Norv Turner has been essential in Rivers success.  I love his swagger - I love the way he rally's his team.  He has yet to pull off the crucial playoff victories but a strong off season for the Chargers will help.


  1. Larry Fitzgerald - Cardinals
    Fitzgerald runs perfect routes, and has the best hands of any receiver I have ever seen.  He has the size and strength to over power defenders.  He is the best receiver in the league - lets hope Matt gets him the ball properly.

  2. Randy Moss - Patriots
    Randy Moss's blend of speed, height, and athleticism is absolutely remarkable.  Regardless of his age he still plays at a remarkable level - and re-ignited his career with the Patriots along with his buddy Mr. Brady.  Moss - simply put is the man

  3. Reggie Wayne - Colts
    Wayne came out of Harrison's shadow and proved to be as good, perhaps one day even better.  He has the perfect blend of speed, athleticism, hands, and route-running that allows him to dominate.  And it also helps to have Manning as your QB but Wayne never makes mistakes.

  4. Andre Johnson - Texans
    Johnson's sheer size allows him to dominate small defenders.  He is a younger Moss type receiver whose route running and athleticism will improve in the coming years.

  5. Brandon Marshall - Dolphins
    Marshall is young but he is an absolute play maker.  He has fantastic hands, and his ability to go up and grab the ball is remarkable.  Marshall will transform the Dolphins passing attack.


  1. Adrian Peterson - Vikings
    Plenty of people are going to get pissed off that I have Peterson above Johnson.  But Peterson is the prototypical franchise RB.  Peterson has the size, strength, speed, acceleration, only name a few characteristics.  He can run the outside, he can run in between the tackles.  He can bull doze and break tackles.  I love his style of running.  It is so damn punishing.  His rookie season is superior.  Watch his games against the Vikings and Bears to remind yourself why I put Peterson here above Johnson.  Peterson is a better blocker too.

  2. Chris Johnson - Titans
    Johnson is the ultimate play maker.  You give him the ball and something big will happen.  He is the ultimate speed back.  Where he lacks in power he gains in speed and sheer athletic ability.  I do not believe his rookie season was a bluff but he has yet to show his ability to play tougher, block, and run in between the tackles.

  3. Maurice Jones Drew - Jaguars
    MJD is the ultimate all purpose back.  He can do everything.  He put up fantastic numbers while playing on a very poor Jaguars team last season.  He is durable and has all the skills to make a fantastic all purpose franchise back.

  4. Ray Rice - Ravens
    Rice will eventual move up this list.  He is very similar to MJD but I think will eventually be better.  He is a play maker and is a hard nosed runner.  He has the speed and power style running to be especially effective.  He reminds me of Michael Turner - who just missed this list.

  5. Steven Jackson - Rams
    Another all purpose back with big play ability.  Jackson carried the Rams offense last year.  He puts on loads of carries, can return kicks, punts, catch the ball, and receive.  He is a lot like MJD.  He will continue to carry the offensive load as Bradford learns to play the position of QB.


  1. Dallas Clark - Colts
    Clark is the ultimate offensive weapon at TE.  He is as good as the receivers I mentioned above.  Furthermore he blocks extremely well and is a very intelligent player.  There are absolutely no negatives to speak about Clark.  I think he may break every tight end record before he retires - especially if Peyton continues to be his QB.

  2. Antonio Gates - Chargers
    Gates is the most athletic TE in the NFL.  He has been the ultimate weapon for Rivers and perfect for his development as a sure franchise QB.

  3. Tony Gonzalez - Falcons
    The most prolific TE of all time - Gonzalez continues to prosper at the position.  Tony is helping Matt Ryan develop.

  4. Jason Witten - Cowboys
    Tony Romo's favorite weapon - has been a consistent player for the Cowboys ever flourishing offensive attack.

  5. Owen Daniels - Texans
    Daniels was an unfortunate product of an injury.  He is a physically gifted and athletic tight end that helps take pressure off of Andrew Johnson.


  1. Ryan Clady - Broncos
  2. Joe Thomas - Browns
  3. Jake Long - Dolphins
  4. Marcus McNeil - Chargers
  5. Michael Oher - Ravens

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