Beating the AFC East (Dolphins)

The Bills have had an easier time beating the Dolphins  than the Patriots, however Buffalo can do better than beating them once a season.  The Dolphins have lost two players that really helps the Bills.  Joey Porter the wild man he is and Jason Taylor.  Both of these guys always gave Buffalo a hard time. 

Buffalo has a great shot to beat the Dolphins twice this season.  The season opener is in Buffalo and lets face it every Bills Backer will be there if possible.  So why not start the season off on a great foot step.  If Buffalo wants to beat the fish here are the keys.

1) Stopping the Run

Everyone knows Buffalo had a hard time doing this last year vs. every team.  However, its important we do it vs. the Dolphins.  This team has two backs I hate going against...Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.  Every year I feel like Williams does amazing vs. Buffalo.  Last year in the first meeting the Dolphins had 45 rushes for 250 yards, and in second meeting Williams had 115 yards by himself.  If Buffalo wants to win we have to stuff the run.  We need to shut down the Wildcat and destroy Williams before he hits open field.

2) The Passing Attack

The Dolphins aren't known for the best secondary.  The secondary was weak last year and in the second meeting Fitz took advantage of that.  The Dolphins didn't really improve the secondary and I believe this is still a key to destroy this team.  We need to go four or five wide and spread that D out.  If the line gives the QB just a good amount of time, we have the threats like Evans, Johnson, Parrish, and even Spiller.  This secondary can't handle that much speed.

3) Stopping the Pass

The Dolphins never really had a threat at Wide-out but this off season the fish brought in Marshall.  Marshall is good, I won't speak bad on him but we have the secondary to shut him down.  Since they don't have much else to offer.  We need to force double coverage on him, make him make the plays.  Our secondary can pick off Henne just like last year.  He is not a great quarterback all he had is a big arm.  If Buffalo stops the pass to Marshall, Henne will throw the picks.

If Buffalo can do these key things they will beat the Dolphins twice this year.  Both wins would be huge victories for Buffalo.  Lets face it beating any team twice from the AFC East is a great season.  Also I have this video from youtube when Henne was in college.  At Ohio State they played this every time they faced Henne's Wolverines.  Many will enjoy this. Here is the link 

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