Some debates.......

Is Donte Whitner really the safety of choice on this football team?

Who deserves the most touches Marshawn, Freddy of CJ Spiller?

Is the transition to a 3-4 a good idea or a bad one?

Who is the best QB Trent, Brian, Ryan or Levi?

Who should start at LT - Jamon or Demetrius?

Is our OL good enough for our offense to compete.

In my mind these are questions every football team is facing right now except a few teams set at the QB position.

It seems to me, other then a few exceptions Teams are extremely concerned about the safety position this off season.

It also seems to me that there a a handful of teams looking in there backfield and having a hard time establishing who should be the #1

This is the one question i guess a lot of other teams dont have, I cant think off the top of my head going into this offseason any other team transitioning but last year The Packers, The Jets, The Broncos and maybe some others did this flawlessly, maybe not flawelessy but did a pretty solid job The Jets were #1 on defense last year, The Broncos had a solid start to the year but fell off the radar, and the packers well we all remember that game against the Cardinals in the Wildcard. (Epic Game by the Way) but other then that led the league in turnovers while giving away the best pass rusher.

Again a handful of teams are having a hard time finding that starting pivot.

The 49er's are giving the job to Smith but how is that gunna turn out

The Pathers have a battle between a rook and a guy thats been waiting in the wings

The Raiders went out and aquired a talent but how talented will he be for the Raiders

The Seahawks have a proven veteran fighting for his job with a guy that has been solid in preseason

The Cardinals have Matt Lienart who has lost the starting job twice to Kurt Warner

The Browns well they have the exact same situation as here a three manned race

The only teams for certain that arent asking questions at the QB spot are The Colts, the Patriots, the Giants, The Chargers, the Redskins, The Cowboys,The Bears,The Saints, The Falcons, the Ravens,The Texans, The Packers

and if youa ask me those are the elite teams in the league minus the Texans, Redskins and Falcons

The LT question again is something I think that only a few teams are in search for but hey the Cowboys are looking, The Falcons are looking, The 49ers are looking, The Redskins drafted a kid high to play that spot and who knows if he will work out, same with the Packers they got a kid who fell down the draft board hard. I guess more teams then you think are looking for that LT for the future.

And every team every year hopes there offensive line can have stability and hold up for the whole year. Not just us.

My point that im trying to make is hey every team has question evrey team in the league, it just seems to me that we and myself included in this feel our questions are more serious then every other team. 

Only time will tell how good or bad this Bills team is, but at least for the sake of the team we can head into a new regime confident that this football team will produce good things.. and another thing the Offseason is WAY WAY TO LONG!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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