Letter to Marshawn



I have been a Bills fan since the day I first knew about football.  I will always be a Bills fan, I also want you to know that not all of us have lost hope in you.  Sure you’ve been in trouble with the police…so have many others.  You, however, are a professional athlete, a role model, and maybe even a Pro Bowl caliber running back. 

I believe in second chances, everyone does- to say you don’t is a blatant lie.  Sure Marshawn, you’ve messed up more than once but you can still turn it around.  I feel the same way.  I was put on academic probation this semester at my University for abandoning my classes maybe for some personal pleasure.  Sound familiar?  It should because everyone knows personal pleasure is the easiest and swiftest  high, as opposed to the hard work, long grueling work out sessions, suicide runs; but how about that high Drew Bree’s and the Saints nation felt when they hoisted the Lombardi trophy over their heads?  We all want to be the greatest at our respective lives, but you were given a gift: the athletic ability to be a NFL athlete.  For you to not maximize every opportunity to be the best running back you can possibly be would be the only way you can lose my respect.  Many past and future players will falter under the pressure of being an NFL athlete, but will you?  Jamarcus did, he still thinks he hasn’t, but his actions according to reports is that he has.  Do you want to be in the same sentence as that guy?  Obviously you don’t , I know there’s still a guy in you that wants to impress the Bills fans and rush for 2000 plus yards, or else you wouldn’t be there working out. 

I’ve messed up too.  I took the easy road- didn’t do what I was supposed to do.  Now I threw away a prestigious University’s education and instead am joining the US armed forces.  I hope to learn from my experiences in the navy and become a better man- I want you to do the same.  You are in a far better place than me you have the support of the Bills nation.  First of all you have your teammates; they will always have your back, on any given Sunday.  Some fans may want you to leave town, but on Sunday when you have that Bills uniform on and you get the ball in your hands every single one of us wants you to get into the endzone.  Everytime.  As long as you’re a Bill you’ll have my support.  That’s why I’m a Bills fan, the only fans that can say I’ve seen it all, but still can be surprised. 

I just want you to know as cheesy as it sounds like - Luke said about his father Darth Vader, “I know there is still good in him,”  I know there’s a damn good back in you – trust yourself and make it happen.  


Bills fan

To the fans and rumbling nation:

Although i didn't read my class notes or textbooks for University these past 2 years, Ive diligently read every article on this page.  I love it, its great, and it makes me damn proud to be a Buffalo Bills fan.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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