Buddy Doin His Thing, and a tid bit of thought

Buddy has not been afraid to do what he feels is right for this organization.

I am willing to bet every dollar I have Chan asked for C.J Spiller

I am willing to bet every dollar I have George said sign Torbor.

Buddy will do what is best for the Buffalo bills not whats best for the fans not whats best for the media but whats best for The Buffalo Bills.

If Mcneil is available, and by the looks of it San Diego isnt budging, Buddy will give him a look like he gave Donovan, and like he Gave Jason Campbell if he feels the value is good for Mcneil he will not hesitate.

This guy has been very very straightforward with the media and fans not leading anybody a stray.

Buddy was in San Diego when they drafted Mcneil and I will go as far to say Buddy probaly had a few opinions in the drafting of Mcneil, he knows what type of football player this guy is. Mcneil has started for 2 or 3 years now protecting the blindside of a top 10 NFL quarterback, would he be welcomed to this team hell yeah but if Buddy doesnt feel the value is on par he wont do it.

p.s. I love the fact that i can call our GM Buddy and not feel like an idiot.


Marshawn Lynch needs to get his butt to camp, his name is now popping up everywhere from to Yahoo to ESPN.

As a fan of the Bills this is exactly what I dont want to see from our team trying to provide a new image around the league is a guy making headlines for himself and not the organization. i fully understand its voluntary I get that and when mandatory camps come I guarantee Lynch will be there but to go workout at the facility and not show up to 1 OTA thats crap. his teamates are talking about him in the media his coach is getting asked questions about him and overall its just presenting a bad picture for him.

I believe when hes playing his best football Marshawn is the best all around running back for this team, his hard nosed style matched with his natural ability makes me believe this but when hes being a pre madonna and getting in trouble hes not the RB of choice for me, or for the coaching staff.

So Marshawn if somehoe some way you ever read this get you butt to OTAS just one to shut everyone up and so you can get out of the media and the Bills can continue to go about their business and the whole league foirgetting we exist.

And one last thing, I LOVE MADDEN absolutley love it, but the Bills being the worst team in the game is crap we have a better roster then the Chiefs we have a better roster the the Raiders, we have a better roster then the Browns, we have a better roster then the Bucs, The Pathers,Broncos and maybe a few more. So you know what screww you Madden Screww you

and Im out like a theif in the night.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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