Ideas from Rumblers on autograph collection

Okay, so I need some help from my Rumblings Brothers...

I just got back into collecting sports autographs after collecting autos and cards as a kid.  I find it to be a fun hobby and a cool way to interact with the players a little, even in my late 20's, although sometimes it can be a little strange asking for autographs from guys younger than me and competing with little kids for the guy's attention!  In fact, I'm pretty sure I sent a few children flying over the wall of the Ralph and to the hospital at open practice on Saturday while fighting for autos...(just kidding)  But alas, I have resigned myself to being "that older guy asking who most athletes probably think I'm going to sell their autos on ebay".  I guess it's just the price I pay for having a good collection.

My favorite item to get signed are the mini football helmets.  But, as always, I like to be different and I have decided that getting autos on player's college mini helmets is a fun way to mix it up a bit.  And not only that, but I also try to get the player to inscribe something with the signature....

For example:  I attended a Paul Poz signing a few months back with a Penn State mini helmet.  Paul signed it, complete with his Penn State jersey number....and I asked him to inscribe "2 x All American", which he gladly did.  Now, this piece is one of my favorites, since I don't know many people with such an item.

Now to the point of my post.  Andre Reed will be at Merritt Winery (near Forestville) this weekend to be the host of their annual Strawberry Festival.  He will be signing autographs and meeting fans.  So, being the nut I am, of course I looked all over the internet for a Kutztown University mini football helmet.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I reached the end of the internet during my search.  The only place that sold such an item?  The Kutztown University Bookstore, and at quite a markup, of course! 

So I bought the helmet, and am ready to go this weekend.  But now my questions:

When you have a guy sign a college mini helmet, you can't have him inscribe his NFL stats, can you?

If not, what the heck can I have Andre inscribe on his Kutztown State mini helmet?  I don't think he holds any records there....does he?  Any type of college honors?  Anybody have any ideas on what I can suggest he put with his signature?  If you saw a Kutztown University mini helmet signed by Andre, you'd think it was pretty cool, right?  Not something you see everyday....but would it be that much sweeter if he put some stats or an accomplishment on there too?

Any ideas or even comments would be greatly apprecaited.  The crazier the better....I like to try to be original!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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