Buffalo Bills 2000s Worst-Decade Team - Special Teams Selection

About a two and a half months ago MattRichWarren presentedus with his Buffalo Bills 2000s All-Decade Team series.  And for about a month we voted on a series of poles to determine who was worthy of being on that team.  But more often than not we also ended up complaining over the limited sometimes horrible talent that we had to pick from for any given position.  So it was about at the TE position that I thought "hey why don't we also vote on the worst players that played for this team over the last decade?"  And so here we are.

Now just like MattRichWarren'sseries I have a few criteria for players to be eligible for this team.  They had to have played in at least a full season's worth of games in this decade to be eligible.  Starting is not requirement, but you do have to have played significant amounts of snaps in those games.  That means that, for example, the Bills 3rd receiver might make the list, but a 4th or 5th stringer wont be considered.  That means that we wont end up voting for 7th rounders that ended up playing 2 snaps.  These are going to be real players that played real roles on this team over the last ten years.  And just because a player ended up on the All-Decade team does not mean that you can't also be on the worst-decade team.

Ok we have officially been into this series for a month now.  We've done all of the offense and had a few close votes and a lot of landslide "wins" and now it's time to get to special teams.

Now we have been lucky enough to have had the league's all decade plunter play for the Bills; if you didn't catch on it"s Brian Moorman.  And we've only had one other punter play for us this decade: Chris Mohr.  We have also had a very dependable kicker who is a practical guarantee within 40 yards in Rian Lindell.  Now out of sheer respect and appreciation for what Moorman and Rian Lindell have done for us this decade I do not want to include them in a voting process, but I will give you a loophole in the poll.

So with that in mind it leaves us with one punter to vote for (Chris Mohr).  We've also had 5 kickers play for this team over the last decade, one great one (Steve Christie), and average yet incredibly dependable one (Rian Lindell) and three truly horrible ones.  Now considering that you can't view STers in the same way as any other position in football, I'm just going to include all of them regardless of time spent on the team.  If you were bad and played in a game for the Bills your on this list.  Se here are the kickers.

Jake Arians
Arians was an undrafted free agent that was signed on to replace the retired Steve Christie.  It didn't work out so well for him or the Bills.  In his one season in the NFL he connected on 12 of 21 field goals for a 57.1% completion rate and going 16 for 17 in PAT's.  He was released  ten games into the season.

Shayne Graham
Another undrafted free agent Graham replaced Ariansduring the 2001 campaign.  He was decent in his 6 games with the Bills going 6 for 8 with a 75% completion rate and completing all of his PAT's.  Being on only a one year contract withthe Bills Graham chose to move on and signed with the Bengals after his six games with the Bills.  He played in the 2005 Pro-Bowl as a Bengal and remains their kicker to this day.

Mike Holis
Buffalo's kicker for the 2002 season Holis was signed away from the Jaguars.   In his one season for the Bills Holis went 25 for 33 with a 75.8% completion rate, while connecting on all 40 of his PAT attempts.  2002 was his last season in the NFL.

Alright time for the vote.  But like I said I'd give you a loophole.  The options I have listed here are all Chris Mohr and (enter name of listed kicker here).  But if for some reason or another you feel like you would have liked to see either Moorman or Lindell in the poll there will also be a re-vote option in the poll.  If the re-vote option wins, I'll scrap this poll and start another one.

Previous instalments: QBRBFBWR1WR2TEOT1OT2OG1, OG2, C

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