Pre-Training Camp Thoughts/Questions

This won't be one of my typical fanposts. Its too early before the season to really organize my thoughts into a coherent read but its getting close enough that there are enough ideas swirling around in my head for me to want to get them out of there! Its really just a list of Bills thoughts/questions I'm thinking at the moment and in many ways, this is a style of krytime mind dump.

- Is it even possible that a team in the history of the NFL has entered training camp with as befuddled an offense as the 2010 Buffalo Bills? The four most glamorous positions on offense - and arguably an entire football team - are all up for competition. Entering training camp the Buffalo Bills don't know who will start at quarterback, who will start at running back, who will start at left tackle or who will make up our starting wide receiving corp. Does anyone remember another team like this in their lifetime? Because I sure don't. And I don't just mean a Buffalo Bills team.

- Our divisional opponents will severely test our 2nd ranked 2009 pass defense in 2010. Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Torry Holt and Julian Edelman, Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Jerricho Cotchery, and Dustin Keller, Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess, Anthony Fasano, and Greg Camarillo/Brian Hartline. If our pass defense manages a top ten finish again, and holds its own in the AFC East against that talent, does it become time to spend big free agent bucks on the front 7 in 2011 and try to ride a defense to a playoff appearance? Use a top end defense and our strong running game to try and break this playoff drought? Sure the offense wouldn't be there for a title run but maybe the goal of dispelling the playoff drought is how to set us up for future success. You throw in a rookie QB and suddenly the Bills are seeing progress - even if the team is only built for 9-7 or 10-6 and a one and done appearance, you've got to start somewhere and get the players believing they can be winners. And who knows, maybe it helps the team stay in Buffalo if its a playoff team. Just a thought.

- It seems like our plan on offense in 2010 will be to run the ball and then run it some more. Chan likes to run, our pass protection can't rightly be called "protection", our QBs are either shell shocked, noodle armed, or too green. and we have interior line and running back talent. So why don't we have a power blocking fullback - either through the draft or free agency? What am I missing?

- If we go 5-11 but beat the Patriots and the Jets each once, the season is a success.

- If Schobel stays retired is giving Adalius Thomas a one year deal an option? He may be 33 and declining to the point where even old pal Rex Ryan won't give him a chance but I have to believe hes an upgrade over 30 years old and out of position Chris Kelsay.

- I know no one will agree with me but I have no problem starting Ryan Fitzpatrick if he wins the job - at least he makes us somewhat entertaining by taking risks. And if the coaching staff starts him then Brohm probably doesnt have it anyways and we're drafting a new guy in 2011.

- Staying on the QBs, what happens if Trent Edwards starts the season, stays healthy for 16 games and has a pretty good year but doesn't have enough on offense to get us into the playoffs? I'm talking 3,000 yards, 20 TDs, 12 INTs. Don't answer off the cuff. Actually think about how you'd feel next off-season. It may be a harder decision than we think - especially if we stay at or improve on our record from 2009.

- If Brohm starts, how good is good enough to keep us from drafting a QB in 2011? Would 15 TDs to 13 INTs be good enough for a first year starter? Similar numbers bought Trent Edwards and Chad Henne extra years.

- We can very realistically have a starting outside linebacker, starting free safety, main RB, no.2 receiver, no.3 receiver, starting tight end, starting left guard, starting right guard, starting left tackle, starting quarterback, starting nose tackle, starting middle linebacker, starting cornerback and starting strong safety all aged 25 years or younger. This season is either going to be extremely long or extremely exciting!

Anyways, its late at night, almost training camp, and I've got Bills fever. Thanks for letting me vent out all these scattered thoughts.

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