Beating the AFC East (Jets)

 The Bills have had little problem breaking even with the Jets the past few years.  However many predict that to change soon.  This offseason the jets signed several big names to make this team a superbowl contender (or what they think).  Its easy to hate the J-E-T-S when there head coach is loud mouth Rex Ryan, and a QB who is names Sanchez.  With the additions of L.T., Taylor, and Cromartie, this team looks to just add more power. 

However, with these additions I know Buffalo can beat the jets not once but twice.  Losing Jones I believe was a big lost.  L.T. is at the end of his days, and lets face it we have to be happy Jones is gone because that guy killed us last year.  Sanchez was protected by the run game so much that his interception numbers this year wont be any better than last year (thats right Rex you protected him to much, he will have another 4 or 5 pick game vs. Buffalo).  So whats the keys to beating the jets:

1) Beating there D

Everyone knows the D on this team is filled with studs.  The first guy everyone thinks of is Revis, and with the addition of Cromartie this team will be hard to pass on.  They have a tough set of linebackers and a big DT.  However whats one thing Buffalo's offense doesnt lack....Speed!  We have Evans, Parrish, and Spiller are the speedsters of the Offense.  So what do I believe we should do, make all three a WR during the game (not all game).  But how to defend against that much speed and having a RB in the backfield that can bust a move.  We have to make sure that the jets D doesn't get in our heads with all the names and style of play.  We have plenty of play makers to make up with them.

2) Special Teams

I know some may not agree with this one, but lets face it our special teams are good.  If Moorman can make great punts (lets hope Buffalo doesnt need to), Lindell can make FG, and our return game can make big plays we can get great field position and capitalize on their bad position.  The jets don't really have a passing game if you ask me, Sanchez isn't that great.  So if Buffalo can make there special teams great for 2 games (hopefully more but I want to be the Jets twice so bad this year cause I hate REX RYAN and SANCHEZ) then I believe we have a great shot at beating the so called Superbowl team everyone thinks they are.

3) Stopping the Run

This is the biggest of all.  If you stop the run that forces them to pass, and we all love to see Byrd and the rest of the Flock pick Sanchez.  We need to stuff the holes and not allow Greene to get into space.  L.T. is not a huge threat anymore but he is still good enough to make a big run, so we cant doubt him.  Hit him hard and hit him a lot, the guy is older and is injury prone.  If we stop the run game they are forced to do go to the air.

If Buffalo can do all these things I think we beat the Jets twice, and that would be huge.  No more Rex talk and god I would love to just one of our WR to make Revis look bad (I know he is great but it would be sweet).  Who better to do that than Easley the Rook....that would just be classic.  LETS GO BUFFALO

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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