MMQB - August 1st 2010

I LIKE........

  • Dez Bryant being the first to sign his contract.............and not carrying Roy William's pads
  • T.O. and Ocho Cinco celebrating together in the end zone
  • Wes Welker back on the field and off the PUP
  • NFL Twitter updates - especially Schefter
  • Rookie Ryan Matthews taking over for LT.  I am very excited about this guy.
  • The new culture in Oakland - there is a breath of confidence in the air on defense and especially on offense with Jason Campbell under center


  • Actually, I HATE Sam Bradford getting $50 million guaranteed.  I am not even going to rant.  It makes me sick.  A player that has not even taken a snap in the NFL got more guaranteed than any player in the history of the NFL.  Puke...
  • C.J. Spiller probably being the last 1st round pick to be signed......
  • Moreno's injury...  I hope it is not serious.....
  • Suh asking for $60 million guaranteed
  • Albert Hansworth 


  1. Colts
  2. Saints
  3. Packers
  4. Ravens
  5. Chargers
  6. Jets
  7. Vikings
  8. Cowboys
  9. Bengals
  10. Patriots


  • Lebron James destroyed his legacy as one of the all time greatest by joining Wade's team.  I'm very disappointed........but thoroughly understand the move.
  • Inception is one of the best movies I have ever seen


  • NFL Rookie of the Year:  Ryan Matthews (RB) - Chargers
  • NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year:  Brandan Graham (DE) - Eagles
  • MVP:  Aaron Rodgers (QB) - Packers
  • DPOY:  Demarcus Ware (OLB) - Cowboys
  • I absolutely positively hate the pay these rookies are getting.  It is absolutely disgusting.  It makes me sick.  No player that has never taken a snap in the NFL should get paid that much.  There needs to be a heavy rookie pay scale and a limit to the amount a first round pick can make.  Bradford has a lot to live up to.  He better take them to the playoffs in a year.
  • I have absolutely no idea how to analyze the Bills.  Are they going to suck?  Are they going to be good?  Are they going to be a .500.  Who plays QB?  Who plays LT?  Who starts with Lee Evans?  So confused.  I have stopped trying...
  • Discovery Channel Shark Week rocks - everyone should get a glimpse - especially in HD

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