A Throwback Type of Year

I woke this morning with the urge to talk Bills with anyone who would listen, So I figured maybe today is the day I make a Fanpost.

Earlier this summer i added a certain jersey to my Bill repitiore and it just happened to be a 50th anniversary throwback of one Mr. Donte Whitner # 20, and to be honest could not be more excitied about this aquisition then  I am right now, everywhere I read is Donte this Donta that This was born to play SS in a 3-4.

If Donte has a year then I hope all the Donte haters that get on this guys case for tweeting just leave him alone and quite possibly eat your words, he went to bat for Torrel Troup stating this guys is better than Suh and Troup has been talk aboiut at Large by Bills Faithful all camp.

I know the one you’re talking about,” Posluszny said. “It’s good to see that coming from your safeties. I’m excited to see him get into the year, because he can do some special things for us back there.”

Thats Paully P the LEADER of this defense talking about Donte in Yahoo's most recent article about the SS.

Enough about Donte, how about the Bills bringing in that old school mentality of no ones roster spot is safe, Stupar getting the start at TE who would have guessed that? Not me. How about Stevie Johnson being the hands down favorite to start opposite Lee Evans that one was a little more predictable but still. The two adays, practicing in full gear as opposed to just walk throughs on some days, O Lineman having to wear braces in practice and not having the option to take them off, They are doing it right in Buffalo right now and I couldnt be more excitied.

I have made a ton of posts talking about how this team is going to better then alot of people expect and I truly believe that but even if this team wins 1 game its going to be a great year because we have the stones in place to start winning from the front office down we are headed in the right direction. This teams best decision to date was switching to the 3-4, and not just because its a better defense but because its more exciting it has more options more looks more oppurtunities more chances to get different personnel in to keep guys fresh. I love what they are doing here in Buffalo Love it and cant wait for Friday, (Im a little pissed that non of the Bills preseason is on TV in Canada) but still I will watch via the internet and will wear my Paully P Jersey while drinking beer and screaming at my comp for a preseason game because yes it is that exciting that our Bills are starting a new regime starting a new time in Buffalo. 

Oh and Afghan Twilight go download The Black Keys discography and tell me thats not a great listen!

P.s. The throwback refence is to the way this team is going to hit hard, stay low and make some old school type plays, back to the fundamentals baby

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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