Taking a look at possible WR pick ups..

The Bills are lacking in the WR department, but you already knew this.  Here's a look at some players that have the potential to become available.  After the post, feel free to leave your comments on the players on this list or the players you'd add to this list.

Headed to the Practice Squad?


There is alot of buzz (alot? maybe not.. but  a little buzz at the very least) of the fear of losing players we dont sign to the roster (headed to the PS) to poaching teams.  So I would like to turn the tables for a minute and look at players that are in PS territory for other teams that OBD could/ should be keeping their eyes on.

1.  Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Bengals

Briscoe is a goner if the Bengals decided to send him to PS.  I'm not sure the Bengals have a choice. The Bengals have rediculous talent at the Wide Reciever position. As of now they have Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens, Antonio Bryant, Jordan Shipley, Jerome Simpson, and Andre Caldwell. 

2. Carlton Mitchell, WR, Browns

Its looking like Mitchell is going to be a bubble guy.  I doubt the Browns organization delegate him to Practice Squad duties.  But if so, I bet other teams are paying attention.

3. David Gettis, WR, Panthers

The Panthers have some decisions to make with their roster in regards to the Wide reciever position. Could Gettis get the PS treatment? not sure. but it may be a possibility.

In addition to the names above, I'd add Antonio Brown to this list.  With the ousting of  Holmes this offseason and with Ward a year or two away from a retirement home, Pittsburgh could use some help at WR. He is likely to make the roster in Pittsburgh and was (reportedly) ahead of Sanders in spring workouts.  It is doubtful he ends up on the practice squad. If he somehow makes the PS in Pittsburgh, I'd like to see the Bills pick him up.

Roster Cuts?

Inevitably, the numbers game will catch up with a few players,... 

1. Patrick Crayton, WR, Cowboys
I'm not crazy about his hands.. but he has been fairly productive when given a chance.

2 and 3. Brandon Stokley/ Brandon Lloyd, WRs, Broncos.  I'd prefer Stokley of the two Brandons.  If either become available, I feel both are worth looking into.

4. Vincent Jackson, WR, Chargers. Is it possible he is cut?  Maybe.  Is it possible that buffalo wants him? probably not.  Is it possible that I would like to see him in a buffalo jersey? maybe. (yes)

5 and 6. Earl Bennett/ Juaquin Iglesius, WR, Bears.  I dont have any insight on either of these two.  I remember both from predraft hype.  After being drafted I havent heard much of either.

7. Jerome Simpson, WR, Bengals  Simpson is in the same boat as the two above.  I remembered him being able to catch anything thrown his way, but struggle to separate, and had problems running routes.  I dont remember hearing much of his name since being drafted last year.  (given Cincinnati's current WR situation, I dont know if they have room to keep their former 2nd round draft pick)

8. Logan Payne, WR, 2nd year, started in Seattle, now is battling for the 5th wr roster spot in Vikings camp.

9. Sam Hurd, WR, Cowboys.  Known more for his special teams abilities.  Maybe not an Ideal addition for the Bills, but worth taking a look anyways.

10. Mark Bradley is currently in the Saints camp, but should get cut.  Worth taking a look? Im not sure.


Okay, so I don't exactly have inside information on any of these guys,..   Regardless,  there's the list.  (for what its worth, I'd  like to get Logan Payne and Antonio Brown from the two lists)  Also, you don't have to remind me that Nix probably wont add a WR and wants to see what he has got in his current WRs.  I know this,  He had ever opportunity to land any number of talented wide receivers this off-season (and didn't.)  So why would he add a wide reciever now?  maybe he realizes he's one twisted ankle away from starting Steve Johnson and Roscoe Parrish...

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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