One down three to go

the first bills preseason game is in the books and boy did it was it something   first off i would like to congratulate aaron maybin notching his first sack of his career  aaron maybin looked real good out there against the 3rd string 

                                                                                 as a team

the bills have a lot to work on this week first we need to work on penalties ( this is to you maybin )  you do not repeat do not try your best wwe impersonation on the qb when the ball has left his hand  these penalties hurt the bills stupars holding call turned a 1st and goal from the 3 to a 3rd and 15 from the 35 


the second thing the bills need to work on is 3rd down conversions we had 0 3rd down conversions in 3 quarters the will not fly if we want to win


third thing is special teams  our coverage unit looked like they were in slo-mo they didn't contain and control as were used to seeing


forth thing is oline communication  there were very few good things to say about the oline  they lacked communication and missed assignments often leaving our qbs to scramble this really falls on the hang man in the pivot you need to let the line know what to do if you see something you dont like communicate and fix it


                                                                       players who stocked has jumped


rodney ferguson  man watching this guy lead block is fun he goes full steam into the block and crack he looks hungry and crazy out there we need this i miss the fullback who knocked linebackers into the secondary

chad simpson  he is not on this list for his big run he is on this list for his blocking yes thats right blocking his pass protection looked spot on and had a key block on the fitzy td pass

joique bell  i hope we keep 4 rbs on the roster i do not want this guy going anywhere he would be a great insurance policy in case lynch or jackson go down  he is quick to the hole and is a 1 cut and run rb i like that he gets what he can and never dances behind the line

jamon meridth  looked focused and did a great job on the left side and good push and control over the rush very good run blocker tonight

roscoe parrish  tonight roscoe showed the willingness to go over the middle make the catch and take the hit i think if he continues this trend he will be a lock as our slot guy and will be a nightmare for the linebackers and safeties


torell troup  every time the ball was snapped he had his man back peddling and a few times pushed the center right into beck as the ball was snapped he is a strong space eating nt we have been looking for

chris ells  he showed real hustle and made some great plays tonight he really looks like he could challenge kelsey for the starting spot i want to see more of him against the 1st teamers to get a real eval on him but from the clef notes  i like what i see

dwan edwards  i think he is a undervalued signing he looked like he belonged on the field and i have a feeling his signing will pay off ( he ran over stroud to get to mcnabb freaking awesome nothing and nobody can or will get in his way )


                                                                           players stock about the same

trent edwards  im ok with the short to medium  passes  if its something that he is confident about im all for it especially if he is going to be our starter he needs to be comfortable and confident in this offense his decision making was so so today he found open receivers short and far he couldnt connect on the deep routes tonight its ok though he is getting his swagger back and willing to throw deep its a positive sign with that being said he did force some throws tonight with one being picked off  he needs to show better judgement even if that means throwing it away on a 3rd and 5


fred jackson and marshawn lynch  both were excellent tonight they found holes fought for yards and if lynch keeps up the hard running the defense will be black and blue man it was great to watch him run over 5 people like the old days BEAST MODE BABY  !!!  ( the reason there here and not in stock rising is i had high hopes and expections for both of them )



                                                             players stock falling faster then a playboy bunnies dress


aaron maybin  he got taken out back slapped silly brought back in and got slapped again  the entire game he only tried one move to get passed the tackle and it didnt work he needs to step it up or we will be in big trouble

marcus stroud  he looked old and out of place i dont think the end position is his place he got fooled a lot and collapsed down instead of holding his ground leaving big holes for the skins running backs to run through

reggie corner  what can i say that already hasnt been said about him.......

ryan fitzpatrick  for most of the game  fitzy looked like the practice squad qb  missing receivers rushing passes and locking on to one receiver then  completely miss said receiver  if brohm has an ok game next week fitzy is gone period end of story 

the entire 2nd and 3rd team secondaries they were atrocious and couldnt stop or cover anything 



those are my thoughts what are your thoughts from what you watched tonight 

GO BILLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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