Cheers and Jeers on 1st preseason game.

I am a firm believer that you can't learn much about a team in the preseason.  However, I do believe you can learn about individual players.  With that, here are some players that caught my eye.


But first I wondered if anybody else noticed something funny on the Hall interception return.  He picks it off and is going up the sideline 92? is lead blocking for him, looks at Trent who is right in front of him and then goes and blocks someone else. Then Hall has just Edwards between him and the endzone and he steps out of bounds?  In a regular season game the blocker would have leveled the quarterback and the db would have tried to take it to the house.  Was this an unwritten preseason rule?



To Aaron Maybin for using an inside pass rush move.  This was the only time I actually stood up and cheered the entire game.  Maybe the fact that it worked for him will make him think to try one again someday.

David Nelson- Flashed good after catch ability (loved the stiff arm) and made a big play on special teams, big move towards a roster spot.

John McCargo- Played well, good penetration, I still can't stand him.

Young D-Linemen- Troup played well and showed good pursuit, Harvey was solid, but the guy who kept catching my eye was Rasheed Duncan.  He had a strong game.

Donovan Woods- The guy was everywhere on the field.  For the majority of the game he looked like the only Bills LB with a clue.  (Coleman also had moments)

All the running backs they looked good, and to be fair, the O-Line was solid in run-blocking.



Special Teams- Coverage looked awful.  But to be fair, that happens when you have 3rd string STers in there and they are abandoning lanes to try and make a tackle to earn a roster spot.

Cary Harris- Missed tackles bad angles.

Chris Ellis- I root for the guy and I know he had two passes defensed.  But he looked slow and clueless out there.

Pass Blocking- Yikes

Moats-I know he's moving from DE to ILB, so he should look clueless in coverage, but that sad attempt at a tackle on one of the TD's pushed his performance from bad to awful.

Anyone who is trying to stir up a quarterback controversy because Fitz actually threw a TD.  The guy makes good reads but his accuracy is absolutely horrible.


Now I'm going to get on the package and watch the game again to see how the second half looked when you're not hammered.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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