Some Thoughts, aside from the obvious!

I just finished watched the full game on the NFL netwlrk as a replay because I had a golf tourny to attend but some approvals/disapointments to rectify:


1.) Andy Levitre - Took on blockers (by himself and double teaming) and opened some holes, The running game looked good in the first quarter.

2.) Joique Bell - Showed good bursts threw holes, broke some tackles and really looked like a gameday back.

3.) Trent Edwards - Stood in, made throws, controlled the offense, gave some optimism as to where we are headed QB wise.

4.) MLB Woods # 50 - Made a huge block on naaman Roosevelts PR, consistently found himself around the ball and just really looked confortable.

5.) Aaron Maybin - Made a constant effort to get the QB, got called on a very suspect roughing the passer, got to Grosman, and was just always in the backfield trying to make plays.


1.) Arthur Moats - Constantly looked lost, lost his assignments, poor tackling, just an overall disaapointment.

2.) Reggie Corner - Got burned all over the field made a piss poor decision on Davis's TD, dropped a pick just looked bad.

3.) Lee Evans - Dropped two passes he need to catch even if this is pre season, gave up on the play that led to Trents INT, I just expect more from Lee.

4.) Chad Jackson - Didnt stand out at all and got reps, and had balls thrown to him just found I lost track of him every where he went.

5.) Chan Gailey - Called a great first drive we would never have seen that hitch play to Lee Evans when Jauron was here, some nice cutbacks really utilized his motions, then it seemed the playcalling just went to $hit, Didnt go for it on 4th and inches in a pre season game, ran SOME CURIOUS IF NOT JUST BAD RUN NING CALLS, to many quick routes that didnt even look like they were drawn up, i know its pre season but we are learning new systems we need all the warm up we can have.


1.) Torrell Troup - Had some plays where he looked like he had no idea what was going on, had other plays where he did a great job clogging and hustling to make plays.

2.) CJ Spiller - Looked good on a few run, looked terrible on a few runs i will expect more in pre season game 2

3.) Steve Johnson - Made some real nice blocks and ran some real nice routes did a great job on a cutback on third and long, but other routes he seems to have a little trouble running.

4.) David Nelson - From what I was reading about this kid he definatley showed the part, a great veteran move in the endzone on the TD to not give up on the route and just looked like he fits the bill.

5.) Cordaro Howard - Good run blocking and suspect pass blocking, right on par for a undrafted offensive lineman getting thrown into the fire.


Other thoughts - Brutal no call on the block from behind on the punt return for a touchdown, Stupar has to be smarter then that on that stupid hold in the red zone, really surprised we didnt see more of Brian Brohm as ooppse to Ryan Fitzpatrick, the line did allright considering we are missing three starters, I thought the first drive really could give us some hope going forward controlled the ball and clock ran great plays with good variety just an overall really impressive first drive, Seems we are still a little confused on assignments 5 or 6 times in the first half Washington players were wide open with not A BILL WITHIN 10 FEET scary.

And as a website as a whole we have to remember this is preseason and if qwe lose all 4 games it means nothing even if we give up 50 a game, I just hope we dont have people writing stories oh god this season is gunna be a disaster we lost 42-17 to the Redskins.


Im Out Like A Thief In The Night


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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