Training Camp Notes: 8-16-10

To get right to the point, things from the starting offense didn't look really good. Of course we're not talking about Spiller. Folks, this kid can run, and it might just be enough to make up for poor outside blocking at points during this season. I'm convinced there will be plenty of those occurrences.

I spent the bulk of the evening watching the offense, so any analysis on the defensive effort will be sparse. They looked good, as a whole unit. 

Follow the jump for more on what I observed tonight.

In positional drills...

  • Linebackers vs. TEs: Chris Kelsay was making people pay when they lined up opposite him. Aaron Maybin was giving most of the TEs a play off. He needs to eat some hamburgers, and quickly.

11 on 11 work...

  • Jamon Meredith was manhandling Maybin at the start of red zone 11-on-11 work. It appears Maybin's continuing to hone his sprint as a vehicle to push himself out of play--to perfection. I've heard good things about his camp, but I didn't really notice it tonight.


  • Why isn't Lee Evans involved more in practice? Hopefully the few times i've attended are the exception to the norm. If not, i'm concerned that the coaching staff isn't sure how to get him involved.
  • Roscoe is seeing a ton of work. On occasion, he was lined up outside. (Please note: I neglected to see if this was with the 2's or the 1's.)
  • Steve Johnson continues to catch nearly everything thrown his way. He seems much bigger this season. He'll be a great story if things go well.


  • Spiller continues to get a ton of different opportunities. He looks strong running in traffic, and he looks fluid. They continue to put him in motion to the slot. He looks like he knows what he's gotten himself into, professionally.
  • Chad Simpson has the tiniest legs i've ever seen. He's a burner, and he's making noise on the field. Joique deserves a spot on the game day roster as well. I get the feeling they'll find a way to keep Simpson by putting him on ST.
  • Corey McIntyre is definitely more involved in Chan Gailey's offense.


  • Not too much to note other than Stupar continuing to do it all, and do it rather well. Nelson's running some precise routes and those soft hands are getting even better.


  • Trent Edwards. Gah. There were checkdowns galore. He threw a "nice" interception to, I believe, Arthur Moats in 7 on 7 drills. He wasn't all terrible all the time. He's definitely under a very large microscope with the fan base in attendance.

    Speaking of moxie...
  • Brohm appears to have a good bit of it. There's a certain spring to his step that the other guys don't show. Levi hasn't been given enough opportunity, so we'll leave his ticket at the booth for now. Brohm wasn't perfect, but he was willing to go vertical. He had a tremdous throw and completion during the 2-minute drill. He got a ton of work tonight, likely in preparation for Thursday.
  • Fitzpatrick was Fitzpatrick.


  • Fans are really really really into Brian Moorman and Rian Lindell. That's awesome because it's so unique, but it's so sad those are the moments when fans cheer loudest and bang on the stadium seats.

Folks, there's a lot of work to do.

Fire away with questions, and i'll do my best to answer them.

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