Questions for the Year Ahead

Throughout the first Preseason game I found myself asking a lot of questions about the Bills.  The biggest question I asked is after 10 years of no playoffs how can this team still look as bad as they do?  Yes, I am a die hard fan there is no doubt about but is anyone else asking that question?  I mean we have had 10 years of drafts and free agency and not once have we put together a playoff team in that time.  The other questions that I thought of were...

1) Who is going to be the pass rusher this year?

I would love to say Aaron Maybin, I had high hopes for him.  I know he is young and when you watch him on the field you see that the man is a never ending motor.  He was consistently all over but just a bit late.  He has great speed but I believe he relies on it to much.  So who is the next great pass rusher this year?

2) Will we have a unknown WR step up this year?

Buffalo has tons of young WRs on this team.  Steve Johnson is by far my favorite to step up.  This kid has good hands and I think can be a great number 2 within a few years.  I would have loved to see Easley this year and we will still get a chance I hope.  Nelson looked good in the first opener and he could be the stand out this year. 

3) How did we become so deep at RB?

We have 3 starting RBs and in todays game you need at least 2 RBs so its great we have more options.  However, Bell and Simpson really showed some great skills last Thursday.  I knwo it was not vs. the first team however they still showed up how badly they want to make the team.  Can we use this to our advantage in someway?

4) What happened after that first drive?

The first drive was full of quick passes, and a great running game.  Trent looked great and our RBs looked like they were primed and ready to go.  After that first drive Edwards lost it, and our running game continued however we cant just rely on the run.  If we are going to be a team that goes 3 and out almost every time its going to be a long season.  Gailey needs to look at that first drive and should run that type of offense a good amount of the game.  The quick passes, throw some screens in there, hit WRs, TEs, RBs, and FBs in the flats, run the ball, play action.  Get rid of the ball and let the receiver make the plays.  We arent a team that has time to wait in the pocket. 

5) What is your Prediction for the Indy game?

I am hoping our secondary looks better this game.  I dont think they looked great the first preseason game and got picked apart a lot.  Yes I know we were going up vs. McNabb which is a good QB however Rex Grossman looked like a god vs us.  Manning will eat us up.  We need to find out how to put pressure on him and if our secondary looks good this game I will have more hope.  Manning is good and if they look good vs him I will be happy because lets face it Sanchez and Henne will be picked apart than by our secondary.  Our Offense needs to get into a rhythm and hopefully can produce some points this game.  My predict 24-21 Buffalo.  Maybin gets a sack on the first team, Spiller gets a TD, Trent looks better, Steve Johnson is the WR of the game, and our secondary gets a pick from the 2nd team.  Not saying it will be a pretty win but I think gailey will come ready for this game.

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