JET Fans - Loud and obnoxious, but......

... do they get their point across? Being a Bills fan here in Long Island, NY, I have come across an obnoxious JET fan here and there. When they're winning, they love their jets and when they're loosing, lets just say they voice it!

That being said, I always got on my friends that are NJ Jet fans for being a "Fair Weather Fan", but I've been thinking lately....... do they have it right?

Every year I go to the the Bills at Jets (not because I want to, just closer) and in the last few years I noticed that the Jet fans boo'ed their own players more the the visitors. Now, me being a die-hard Bills fan, I don't think I could ever bring myself to boo any of them but could this be the epitome of "the squeaky wheel gets the grease"?

Grant it, I don't know a fraction of what I see that you all know here on BR and thats why I check this site out daily (to read your thoughts and opinions) but why in 10+ years we were not able to assemble at least a playoff team? Scratch that; why not even a fairly competitive team?

I've seen through postings and comments here that many people have many different views as to why (i.e., owners are cheap, good players don't want to play in Buff, etc.) but we did have a great team once upon a time right? So I imagine that Ralph DID spend the money and players DID in fact, what to play in Buffalo.

I know its only preseason and we haven't really seen what they can do yet, but I read articles around the web as well as right here and lets just say that I'm not optimistic. Do we have to start taunting our coaches/players on the sidelines like I've seen at Jet games? Do we have to start holding up signs taunting the front office like Jet fans do?

The reason why I ask is because a friend/Jet fan said to me the other day "Remember when you called all of us a bunch of fair weather fans for voicing the things we didn't like the last few years? Well, look at us now, we are going to look damn good this year?"

What I said in retort was "Well, that remains to be seen but what I will give you is that the squeaky wheel definitely did get the grease". As they did, they made a bunch of great off-season signings to add to their already playoff team roster.

Thoughts? I know we're not the only team in the NFL with a loooong drought, but there are not many teams that have had the difficulties we have had. What's your take? Are we a Bills fans not being a "Squeaky Wheel"?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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