Schobel, Nix, and the Implications

Good for Nix. The wishy-washy standoff is over.

The NBA is proving what happens when the players start controlling the league. Bad news.

I’m proud Buddy decided to do what they don’t have the balls to do in Minnesota.

I’m sorry, but if you want to play in the NFL, you should be at camp. If it’s too tough for you, but you still like to play the games, tough doo-doo. Man up, Brett. Cowboy up, Aaron. Schobel said he was “relieved, happy, and a weight lifted off his shoulder” when he heard Nix’s decision. That just confuses me. No wonder Bing can market itself as the ‘decision maker’ search engine. I used to wonder what kind of a person wants someone else making big decisions for them. Now I know. Does Aaron needs to go ask his mom and dad what team he should play for?

That may be a bit harsh for a man like Schobel, who I have great respect for otherwise, but someone needs to put a stop to this silly game.

If all the GMs decided to discontinue allowing Farve behavior, these guys wouldn’t have the option to dog training camp, and there wouldn’t be this stupid grey line between “the guy has proven enough to skip camp,” and “miss practice, loose your job.”

Good on you, Buddy. Be a role model for the other wussy GMs.

Some will say that as long as Brett is winning games for the Vikes, there are undesirable, but allowable behaviors.  This brings up the debate on how far should teams go to win?  Should NFL players, as role models, be allowed to create their own rules once they reach a certain status level?  Is that a good message to sent to the kids?  Where does this fall into the cost of winning?


The way I understand it, Buffalo is likely to keep AS from going elsewhere without compensation, and they can do that by keeping him on the "did not report list" all season, so they do have leverage in the situation, but I also assume Aaron could 'retire,' which would terminate his contract, and then sign on somewhere else, ala Farve.  If I'm wrong on these details, speak up.  Also, this is obviously reactionary, given the time frame of the events and this post, so I'd like to hear if this thought process isn't logical.

Here's a piggy-back poll from today's front page Gailey poll:

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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